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Preaching to the Choir

During this last years recharter we had an extremely disappointing turn in of the Journey to Excellence form.  As a District committee we chalked this up to a couple of things.. perhaps it was that many people were not aware … Continue reading

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Larry says it well

On the heels of a great JLT weekend and Troop elections, it is fitting that Clarke Green, fellow blogger and podcaster posted an article today that nailed my thoughts.  The article was written by Larry Geiger, a contributor to Clarke’s blog and … Continue reading

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Modeling the Expected Behavior

This weekend, our Troop conducted Junior Leader Training.  Because we have so many young Scouts, we decided to do things a little different this year.  This year, wanted to ensure that the leaders clearly understood what was to be expected … Continue reading

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Leadership Expectations

We have heard and practice that defined leadership is simply that Leaders provide Purpose, Direction, and Motivation.  To accomplish those three things, leaders MUST clearly set and enforce expectations.  They need to be able to clearly communicate those expectations to … Continue reading

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Citizenship and Character are real easy to identify, teach, and train our Scouts, but what about this fitness thing?  We are not just talking about physical fitness.  We need to make sure and look at the emotional and mental fitness … Continue reading

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