Be Prepared

Last nights Troop meeting was like most Troop meetings following a camp out.  A quick run through of lessons learned using the Start, Stop, and Continue program started things off.  Our new Scouts learned a lot on their first camp out, but the lesson that they learned the most was to Be Prepared.
Now, most folks think that the learning happens only when things go wrong.. well, not in this case.
You see, on Friday afternoon, the Scouts arrived at 4:30 and laid all their gear out and inspected it.  They checked and double checked that everything was there.  They cross loaded their meals and then repacked their packs.  By the time they got to the mountain, they were ready.
They all knew a basic knowledge of cold weather injuries and first aid, and thank goodness they did not have to use it.
They all had the right gear.  Santa was very good to the Scouts of Troop 664 this Christmas.
They all had paid attention in the classes taught by the older guys on how to anchor tents, did cold sumps, and stay dry.
By the time they hit the snow, they were ready.
One of the comments made by one of the older guys last night was the reason that the new Scouts did so well was because they have not had time to develop bad habits.  Well, I told the young man.. bad habits are choices you make.. no one should develop a bad habit of unpreparedness.
Then the Troop worked on some of the requirements for the Camping merit badge.  They did it with their Troop guides last night, just going over some of the basics like the differences between tents, sleeping bags, and back packs.  They did not need us to help with that.  Then it was a quick review of gear that they all love, and preparation for the next camp out that is coming up in a couple weeks.
I think with the knowledge that the new guys have now, and the experience the old guys are starting to bring to the table, the next camp out up in the snow in a few weeks is going to be a blast.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. “They it was a quick review of gear that they all love, and preparation for the next camp out that is coming up in a couple weeks.”

    Can you correct this? It should start with “It was a quick…”


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