SHOW 100

Print these glasses.. you will be needing them for the SMMPodcast SHOW 100!  IN 3D.  Listen in as I am interviewed or at least have a great discussion with Scouting Friend and District Commissioner Gary.
We talk about the 1st 99 shows and the future of the SMMPodcast, Journey to Excellence, and more.
Its been a great journey to thru the first 100 shows!
Thank you to all that listen in, give feedback, and keep me going.  I appreciate it!
I hope you enjoy the show.
Have a Great Scouting Day!



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4 thoughts on “SHOW 100

  1. Allan Green

    Jerry, can you tell me how to download this podcast so I can listen to it on my mp3 player. I like to listen when I walk. I usually don’t have time to just sit at the computer to hear a podcast. Can you put a direct link to the file on the page?

    • Right Click this link and save as.. then put into your mp3 player- That is the direct link to the show.
      You can always get a direct link to any of the shows by visiting the shows site on and right click the download button for the show you want.
      Thanks for listening.

      • Allan Green

        Thanks Jerry,
        Sorry you got kicked out of the all night Starbucks. Did they think you guys looked like trouble, or something?

        I don’t think our council promoted the Journey to Excellence very well. We had no training classes about it. There was a Roundtable mention for 15 minutes, and a session at the council office for our troop membership chairs when it came time to fill out the recharter paperwork. Most scouters think it is a rewrite of the older program that did not affect troop activities very much, but could be used to make the scouting professionals look good on paper. Our district is a bit dysfunctional anyway. We only have 3 unit commissioners for 82 units, packs, troops, and crews. Until last month I had never gotten a visit from anyone except OA guys doing elections and FOS fundraisers.

        So, I have learned a lot about the JTE from podcasts like yours and Clark Green’s. The two of you are very passionate about this, and it has caused me to take another look. I may run the numbers through the spreadsheet and report the results to the troop committee. I can think of a few areas where we fall down. Of course, getting help from anyone outside of the troop is the trick. A small troop of seven scouts does not draw much attention here.

        Contrats on the 100th podcast. I have been listening since the show about becoming a backpacking troop. I really liked the way your troop became a specialty type of unit. Here is to the next 100 shows. Good luck.

  2. David Brancolini

    Jerry. Thank you for the 100th Podcast, it was nice to hear you reminisce, it brought back memories. I have all of the of the Podcast that you have done, what a great wealth of information that you have provided along with your Blog. Although I have not met you (in person) I feel that your are another friend in the Scouting World. Keep up the great work and hope to see you get another 100 under your belt.

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