SHOW 100

Print these glasses.. you will be needing them for the SMMPodcast SHOW 100!  IN 3D.  Listen in as I am interviewed or at least have a great discussion with Scouting Friend and District Commissioner Gary.
We talk about the 1st 99 shows and the future of the SMMPodcast, Journey to Excellence, and more.
Its been a great journey to thru the first 100 shows!
Thank you to all that listen in, give feedback, and keep me going.  I appreciate it!
I hope you enjoy the show.
Have a Great Scouting Day!



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4 Responses to SHOW 100

  1. Allan Green says:

    Jerry, can you tell me how to download this podcast so I can listen to it on my mp3 player. I like to listen when I walk. I usually don’t have time to just sit at the computer to hear a podcast. Can you put a direct link to the file on the page?

    • Right Click this link and save as.. then put into your mp3 player- That is the direct link to the show.
      You can always get a direct link to any of the shows by visiting the shows site on and right click the download button for the show you want.
      Thanks for listening.

      • Allan Green says:

        Thanks Jerry,
        Sorry you got kicked out of the all night Starbucks. Did they think you guys looked like trouble, or something?

        I don’t think our council promoted the Journey to Excellence very well. We had no training classes about it. There was a Roundtable mention for 15 minutes, and a session at the council office for our troop membership chairs when it came time to fill out the recharter paperwork. Most scouters think it is a rewrite of the older program that did not affect troop activities very much, but could be used to make the scouting professionals look good on paper. Our district is a bit dysfunctional anyway. We only have 3 unit commissioners for 82 units, packs, troops, and crews. Until last month I had never gotten a visit from anyone except OA guys doing elections and FOS fundraisers.

        So, I have learned a lot about the JTE from podcasts like yours and Clark Green’s. The two of you are very passionate about this, and it has caused me to take another look. I may run the numbers through the spreadsheet and report the results to the troop committee. I can think of a few areas where we fall down. Of course, getting help from anyone outside of the troop is the trick. A small troop of seven scouts does not draw much attention here.

        Contrats on the 100th podcast. I have been listening since the show about becoming a backpacking troop. I really liked the way your troop became a specialty type of unit. Here is to the next 100 shows. Good luck.

  2. David Brancolini says:

    Jerry. Thank you for the 100th Podcast, it was nice to hear you reminisce, it brought back memories. I have all of the of the Podcast that you have done, what a great wealth of information that you have provided along with your Blog. Although I have not met you (in person) I feel that your are another friend in the Scouting World. Keep up the great work and hope to see you get another 100 under your belt.

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