1:32 of Respect

OK… this may seem like a rant.. and it probably will be.. so if you want.. stop reading right now.  I could really care less what you all think about my opinion on this one.
The other night I attended my oldest son’s wrestling match at the High School.  Before the match, as with all sporting events they pay respect to the Nation by playing the National Anthem.  The announcer asked for everyone to stand, face the flag, and remove their hats.  The crowd stood and turned toward the flag.  The Anthem began to play.  Immediately a group of students in front of us begin to talk, and horse around.  One of their cell phones ring and a conversation starts between the caller and the student.  One of the teens starts a little dance to the sound of our National Anthem and by the time “Home of the Brave” is sung the group of teens are ready to move on with the evening.
The point.
What ever happened to the respect that our National Anthem warranted?  What ever happened to respecting the meaning of our National song?  What ever happened to the feeling of National Pride in hearing the words that tell the story of American character, determination, and endurance?
It drives me wild to see the disrespect of our National Anthem or the lack of understanding of why we play it.
It upsets me that in the face of men and women that have served our Nation, these teens could not show one minute and thirty two seconds of respect to our Country, the rest of the people in the stands, and yes.. I’ll be selfish.. Me.
Now I am not so arrogant to think that the National Anthem should be played for me… no… this is as American as … as stupid as this sounds… America.
We teach our Scouts to be good citizens.  Is this not a basic part of citizenship?
I am done with the rant… but I have to say that this is really something that gets under my skin.

When you teach your Scouts.. or any one else about citizenship.. help them with some understanding of our National Anthem.  Teach them by being a good example and placing your hand over your heart.  Learn the words.  Stand and face the flag and show 1:32 of respect.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Jerry,
    Ely went to a 4-H leadership conference this last weekend. When we picked him up the organizer approched us and asked if Ely is a Boy Scout or something. I asked why she was asking and she replied that when it was time to lower the flag everyone was looking around not knowing what to do. She said Ely popped up and said he had it covered and got guys in the right spots and knew just what to do. She said it looked very “OFFICAL”.
    I was very proud to say “Yes he is a BoyScout Troop 664” !
    So Jerry there are some who know and who you have taught.
    Thank you for being You!


  2. Jerry,

    i agree with you. i am also amazed at the number of adults that don’t know enough to remove their damn hats, 1. when a color guard passes i a parade and/or 2. during the National Anthem. You just want to go over to them and help them remove their chapeaus!!!! Who grew these people???


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