The Scoutmaster Pay off

Over the last quarter of the year last year (2011) we received a bunch of new Scouts into the Troop.  They all seemed real gung ho about joining and could not wait for the adventure to begin.
We are preparing for our first winter camp out with the new Scouts right now.  In two weeks, we will be taking them up on Mt. Hood for their first weekend with the Troop and after the last few weeks and what’s left of January worth the training, they will step off on their Scouting adventure.
Last night at the Troop meeting the Scouts demonstrated layering.  Each Scout showed up and was inspected by the older Scouts in their winter clothing.  They were given a pass or no pass on their choice of winter clothing.  They all did great.
I gave out a bunch of spare stuff I have been collecting and outfitted about 5 Scouts with pants, sleeping bags, and other cold weather items.
When these new guys crossed over in November we talked about gear expectations and what they needed to have versus what we would provide.  I explained to them that they were joining at the perfect time.. Right before Christmas and gave them suggestions for their Christmas wish list.
So last night as I talked with a few of the new parents and answered their questions and concerns the subject of gear came up.  It became obvious that lots of camping gear appeared under the Christmas trees of many of the Scouts.. nay.. all of the Scouts got some piece of new gear.
One of the new Scouts came up to me and said he was excited about the up coming camp out.  He asked if he was going to be cooking for himself and his buddy on the trip.. I replied that most certainly he would be cooking if he was going to eat.  He got a huge smile on his face and said . YEAH!!!  I got a stove for Christmas!  So I asked him what kind.. “The Jet Boil SOL” he said.  Now, I have said before that I am not a big fan of the Jet Boil… but these new units are much improved.. so I may be swayed a little.  Then the little guy got me… he said he’d been cooking on his new stove at home.  I said fantastic.  His mom chimed in stating that he had made spaghetti and a few Mountain House meals.. then the Scouts told me.. “A MINUTE 45!”  I said “Whats that?”  He said he can do Hot Choco in 1:45!  His smile was from ear to ear.  Just then, I had a crowd of the new Scout patrol around me.. They were all sharing with me all the cool camping gear they had got at Christmas.  I was smiling and laughing with them.. and of course shared the list of cool camping gear I got for Christmas too.  One of the mom’s told me that I had created a gear monster!  SCORE ONE FOR THE SCOUTMASTER!
These new kids are ready to go and pumped up!  They are embracing the adventure and I look forward to many adventures with them!
Last night’s Troop meeting was the Scoutmaster Pay off!
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. I bought a JetBoil 5-6 years ago (IIRC, and I wouldn’t bet on that) and have been very happy with it. I wouldn’t prefer it up on Mt. Hood in the winter; canister stoves don’t do well at 20 F, I’ve read. Haven’t tried that myself, though. I used it in my house the week without power in ’07, but it wasn’t below 40, then.


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