Saying Goodbye to a Great year of Scouting

2010 ended on the heals of one of the most exciting things I had ever done in Scouting having gone to the National Jamboree.  Making that super special was that I got to go with both of my sons.
2011 ends with some challenges, but looking back, it was a fantastic year of Scouting.
Our Troop won the Troop of the year award.  That really put an exclamation point on our program and launched the Scouts to be better and looking for new and exciting adventures.  It helped in the growth of our Troop, and while we did end the year by dropping some Scouts, our net gain was great than it ever has been.
In the last 4 months of the year 9 new boys joined the adventure of our Troop.
Personally my Scouting life grew stronger this year and I enjoyed being on the Wood Badge Staff.  It had been a while since I went to Wood Badge and participating as a Staffer reinforced the program within me and I feel in love with it again.
The bonds and experiences of Wood Badge were solidified in my Scouting life and new friendships were forged and old friendship rekindled.
2011 hosted some great outings with the Troop.  Kicking the year off up on Mt Hood in snow and ending at the base of Mt. Adams in the snow.  Every outing in between seemed to lead us to fun and adventure.
Our Troop was featured on the Outdoor Channel this year.  It was a great opportunity to show the world that Scouting was meant to happen in Oregon.  The Scouts and families of our Troop really thought this was a big feather in the 664 hat.  I think it was one of the greatest things that can happen for a Troop.  To be selected and then show cased because of your reputation within the Council for doing Scouting the right way really meant a lot to me and the other leaders of our unit.
Finally, it was a fantastic year for our family in Scouting.  John completed and earned his Eagle Award.  A great personal achievement for him, a great source of pride for us.
And so we say goodbye to a great year of Scouting!  We welcome the new adventures that lay ahead in 2012.
Philmont, new adventures with a bunch of new Scouts, a cool Summer camp, and lots of time spent in the woods!
I hope your 2012 is a blessed one.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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