SMMPodcast #99

Welcome Back, In this show we talk about a new Charter, My Son’s Eagle Award, and Christmas.
The music at the end of the show is provided by the Reynolds High School Symphony and Winds Ensemble playing “What Child is this”.  It is recorded live from their Winter concert.  My daughter plays Clarinet in the band and they are very good. 
Enjoy the Show and the music.
Please leave feedback, drop us an email or shoot a tweet.. let us know what you think and how we are doing.
This show is sponsored by Badge Magic, without their help.. merit badges would not have been on John’s sash for the BOR.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Great Scouting Day


  1. Jerry,
    I just heard podcast #99 and have mixed feelings about it. Mainly about what is shared in public, on the podcast. I think you need to realize that this is a “public” forum on scouting. Others will hear it, especially the people you deal with in your council and district. And, I dare say, your scouts will hear it. Some of the things I heard I would not share with the public. They are in the realm of perceived injuries and hurt feelings. You should take a lot more time to sort them out and speak of them way in the future as struggles you went through “back then”.

    Of the chartering organization, you said “they lied”. I understand that you do not feel they dealt fairly with you, and did not hold up to their agreement. But the most I would say in public is “It did not work out”. You are in the middle of this mess. You should not be throwing strong accusations around in public. The people around you who hear this will be enflamed in their emotions, and the situation will get worse. Keep your dealings with these people private, until such time passes that you look upon it as ancient history, events that you struggled with and overcame.

    Why, oh why, would you make a public statement like “that unit is not a healthy unit, although mine is. But it is not my place to tell them that.” Jerry, do you really think that the leaders of that unit will not listen to the podcast and know exactly who you are talking about. Will your scouts not hear of this and look down on that unit and their scouts, harboring sentiments that they heard from their scoutmaster. And the other leaders in your district are going to “discuss” this opinion of yours, and give credence to it. After all, as a public figure, you have influence over the opinions of others. Not a good situation.

    I am glad that through all the struggles, you and your troop are determined to carry on, and seek a new CO that will support your program. This could be a teaching moment for the troop. I would involve my older scouts in the search for a new CO. They could make calls to prospective churches and civic groups, and be with you in discussions with prospective organizations.

    And finally, congratulations to your son on earning his Eagle. I was proud as could be when my son got his a few years ago. I have it as my goal that scouts in our troop, as adults, will look back fondly at their scouting experience, and see the benefits scouting has brought them.

    Good luck with the move.


  2. Allan,
    Thanks for the comments and concerns.. Like I said in the podcast.. I can’t handle people lieing to me.. and they know it also. I called them out on it at the time and later they admitted that they were not telling the truth. That is neither here nor there at this time and we are moving on. As for what is said in public.. I agree that I should have used a mind filter.. but I suppose I can’t unring that bell.
    I am not going to regret honesty ever.
    In so far as the health of the other unit. I had to wear my District Program chair hat with that one when the other leader called me the following day. In the conversation I brought up sustainability within their unit.. like I said.. I want them to be successful and certainly do not want to get into the “hostile take over business”. They know they are not healthy..when you do not recruit a new Scout in over 3 years you will not survive as a unit. The math just will never work out. Trying to out recruit your losses is like chasing your tail.. you just never catch up. In a unit where the youngest Scout is 14, they will have trouble attracting newer Scouts. That said, I wish them luck and hope they do catch their tail, again, from the Scouter side of me and the District Program Chairman side.
    What is done is done, I am in the middle of it and everything is working out just fine now. What is said is said, and sometimes, even though we think there will be fall out in the end, the truth hurts at times and certain people need to hear it. Oh and no hurt feelings on my part.. the minute they dropped the news we started moving on. The part that hurt is that I have been a member of their organization (the Knights of Columbus)for 19 years and they pride themselves on Charity, Fraternity, etc. I was disappointed in how they handled this.
    I agree with you though Allan, and will watch it in the future.
    Thanks for the congratulations on my Son’s Eagle Award, I will pass that on to him.


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