The Pulk Project

This year our troop has decided to expand our winter camping skills by making a piece of gear that will assist in a better cold weather camping experience.  We are building Pulk Sleds.
A Pulk sled is a sled that is used to haul gear, tools, wood, whatever in the snow.  There are many designs out there and many price ranges.  We thought we could make them a lot cheaper and get more out of it in the long run.  So the search began for a sled that would work.  We did not want to break the bank on the sleds.  I saw a few YouTube videos of people making Pulk sleds out of ordinary kids plastic sleds.  We figured.. this would work for us.
But I wanted one for me that would last longer and be sturdy enough to take my load.  I purchased the Jet Sled Jr. from Shappell. Jet Sled Jr.  It is a sled designed for ice fishing and conversion to a Pulk sled.  The cost was $29.99, so that’s not to bad.  But for the sleds for the Troop a bit to much for our budget.  Back to the kids sleds.   I found a good sturdy sled at Big 5 Sports for $15.  Then we took the design that would stay within our budget and meet the needs of the Pulk sled.
So here is the list of materials needed to build the sled.Flexable Flyer
1 Sled.  We bought the Flexible Flyer Winter Lightning sled – $15.00
100 Feet of synthetic rope (100 feet will make about 4 sleds)- $8.00 ($2 per sled)
6 snap links -$5.88 for all 6
1 10 ft. length of 1/2 inch PVC – $1.68
Total cost of the materials – $25.00
Start by cutting the PVC pipe in half.  Run a length of rope through the PVC and tie off each end with a loop.  Run a snap link through each loop.
Drill holes at lengths where you want to have tie downs.  Run the rope over and under, tieing a knot so the loops maintain their shape.
Tie loops at the front.. connect the PVC arms and you are finished.
A $25 Pulk sled.
The Scouts of the Troop will be making 2 per Patrol, and if they want to go out and make their own, like I am.. they are welcome to.  This is a great project that is extremely simple but will add to our winter camping experience.
I will do a video on the making of my Pulk sled, and will more than likely shoot some video of the Scouts making their sleds.  And of course you will see them in action in January.
Here are the pictures of the “Prototype” sled that I made to show the Scouts what we are talking about.

So there it is… A pulk sled!  A fun project.. can’t wait to get it in the snow.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. We in Oklahoma do not get enough snow to use these. If we get 8 days of snow in a winter we are having a rough one. But we do get a lot of wind that comes whipping down the plains. That is what we have to teach the boys to deal with.


  2. Wow – talk about timely! I had been thinking about this very idea for our Winter trip next month so appreciate all the details you mentioned. I have suggested it to our troop’s PLC and sent them the link to your post. Thanks for the info!


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