Inquiring minds want to know…

As always, the conversations that we have with our Scouts are so telling and rekindle hope that these young men are going to bring so much to our future.  Last night I told the Troop of our pending move.  I did not want to get into the weeds with the boys, but made an open invitation to both the Scouts and their Parents that if they wanted to talk about our situation I would love to sit with them and discuss the matter.
A few parents came up after the meeting and asked about the move and why, and then gave us a vote of confidence and assured us that we were doing the right thing.  Then the best part of the night happened.  Two new Scouts asked if they could have a Scoutmaster Conference.. one of those “Stop the World” conferences that we promise we can have any place, any time.
These two Scouts crossed over into the Troop in November.  They wanted to know if I could share with them the reason why we were asked to leave.  They wanted to know if the Troop was going to be ok and if I was going to stay.
The discussion led me to talking to them about principles and values.  You see, I told them, this issue has become one of integrity.   We believe as Boy Scouts (and Scouters) that to be good men, we must have integrity.  We find that in the 12 points of the Scout Law and the Promise that we make when we say the Scout Oath.
A man of integrity must be Trustworthy.  This is the bedrock of forming values.  Without Trust and Honesty you can go no further in a relationship.  These two Scouts wanted an honest answer and I could only give them the answer (s) that I was given.  I asked them what they thought about the explanation.  Neither one thought it was sufficient and did not understand why were asked to leave.  I then explained that arguing or debating a principle issue can only really be done effectively when both parties have principles strong enough to fight for or debate about.
Here is where the discussion really got good.  We talked about where these principles come from.  Church, Family, Beliefs, The Scout Oath and Law.   They explained to me what they thought of principles and shared with me their values and how they got them.  They come from good homes, parents that care about them and desire the very best for them.  They have learned in their short 11 years to be kind, respectful, and inquisitive.  They are curious about how things work in their world.
We sat for about 25 minutes and talked about the current issue as well as their goals and dreams in Scouting.  I really appreciate the Scouts and their candor.  I was happy that they took the time to learn more and that they are not afraid to ask when they feel the need to know.
These guys are going to go far in Scouting and life.  Having discussions like last night are really why I love being a Scoutmaster.
When was the last time you really sat and talked with a Scout?
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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