Knowing who you work with

It is not enough as a Scoutmaster these days to take boys camping, teach them a few skills, and hand out merit badges.  Kids today, like kids in the past, and certainly this will apply in the future as society changes, kids grow up differently, and attitudes and norms change, are different.
I think that it is important to know why are the way they are to best be of service to them.  Is this above and beyond?  I don’t think so, I think that we need to do our best to know who we work with.  How else can we be of service.
We are experts at backpacking, or knot tying, or model rockets, but what are we doing to become experts at understanding young men.
I found this set of 5 videos that will help.  I am going to post the first one here.. then just follow the links to the other 4.  Or you can find all 5 video’s at the BSA Internal Communication You Tube Channel.  It is worth your time to watch these two ladies tell the Scout executives about young people.  I learned a lot, I am sure this will help you to.

Be sure to watch the other 4.. I promise there is interesting information that will make you (and me) better Scout Leaders.
BSA Internal Communication You Tube Channel
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. “I think that it is important to know why are the way they are to best be of service to them.” I don’t understand this. Can you explain?


  2. Well the way I see it, every Scout is different, but pretty much have the same qualities and attitudes. By and Large. What is different is their up bringing, their family structure, their traditions, and the way they learn.
    For example, I have many boys in my Troop that come from single parent families. This dynamic offers a different set of challenges to the Scout.. splitting time with parents, who’s picking the Scout up etc. Well deny it or not, this has an effect on the Scout. Good or Bad.. I am not saying. But if we do not know why the Scout acts, learns, has certain behaviors, and skills then we will have a hard time in delivering the promise to the Scout individually.
    I think this is important. We are not Scoutmasters only on Monday or Tuesday nights. We have taken on the responsibilty for being teachers, coaches, and mentors to our Scouts. With this responsibility comes the need to know more and constantly develop ways that we can better serve our youth.
    I hope that explains it. Its not to hard to figure out when you look at both the group dynamic and the dynamics of the individuals in the Troop that they all have needs and wants in Scouting. You need to know why and then how to deliver it.


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