From Pinewood Derby to Eagle Project

Today my oldest son completed his Eagle Project.  It’s all over but the paperwork now… But today was a day of reflection for me.  On our way to my Dads house to put the final touches on the project, John and I went to breakfast at the biscuits Cafe.  We talked about college, the project, and the up coming camp out.
I am sure the discussion was great, but the whole time that I sat there with this young man, I could not help but think about when he joined Cub Scouts.  It was a great adventure, me rediscovering Scouting and everything new and exciting for him.  That Tiger year was all about him and I getting into and back into Scouting.  His Pinewood Derby car that year was super cool.  It was painted orange with tiger stripes and could not have been any slower.  But he had fun chasing the cars down the track.  We learned a lot that year.
The First time John and I went backpacking I took him and his little brother on a little two mile trip up to Memaloose Lake.  John and Josh hit the trail with enthusiasm and bright eyes.  It was chilly that weekend and I suppose I did not do a great job of planning for the elevation gain.  We got up to the camp site and set up our tent.  All three of us fit in the tent, pretty much the last time that happened.  We went on an exploring hike once we got camp set up and I tought them both how to start a fire and how to cook a backpacking meal.  Right after dinner it started to snow… yeah Snow.. It was only September and it was snowing.  We ducked into the tent and told jokes.  Josh showed off his talent for being able to crawl into his sleeping bag head first, turn around, and come out the shoulder end.  We laughed, played cards, and then it was time for dessert.  I carried up Freeze dried Ice cream sandwiches.  They were awful, but we ate them and laughed that we were eating ice cream sandwiches in the snow.
John has become a great backpacker since and him and I have had some memorable times on the trail together.
He was my SPL for the National Jamboree and demonstrated leadership beyond anything that I could ever expect.
Today, as he wrapped up his Eagle Scout service project, I watched as he let out a deep breath.  I could see the accomplishment in his body language.  He turns 18 in about 17 days, and I am proud that he got it finished.
Who ever says the Scoutmasters son gets special treatment has never met John.  He has worked hard and completed more than he ever thought he would in Scouting.
During breakfast this morning, he said he would like to stay on as an Assistant Scoutmaster.  He is exactly what we are looking for and what we need in Scouting.
It seems like so long ago that we worked together on his first Pinewood Derby car.. having him tell me what to do today in finishing up his Eagle Project made me more proud than he will ever know.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. I’m pretty sure my dad felt the same way when I was finishing up my Eagle. Hard to believe it was really only 11 years ago that I first joined Scouting.


  2. Savor this time. It is a good thing to send a son off into life with confidence.

    My second son and his wife announced another grandchild yesterday, due in May, 2012. 🙂 🙂 🙂 The adventure continues. Maybe I’ll be around long enough to see another generation start Scouting. I sure hope so.


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