Skills are the next important part of planning and preparing for your next outdoor adventure.   What ever that adventure is.  Last night our Troop began preparation for the next camp out, a caving trip up in Washington.  So as is the custom of our PLC, they alway begin with First Aid.  What are the specific first aid skills needed for this event?  They listed them and take a meeting or two to practice.  They determined that the worst thing that could happen is a sprained ankle or falling injury in the cave and so the skill they decided to work on in that regard was “Moving an injured person”.  Last night they built litters and worked on buddy carry’s.
The point is that preparing for your next adventure requires that you build skill sets to meet the adventure head on.
I love in Backpacker Magazine when they introduce a new backpack trip in the pull outs.  They list the skills needed in that area, meal suggestions, and facts about the area.  This is all important.  When we head up to Mt. Hood in January, we will certainly be prepared with winter camping skills, meals that will keep us warm, and we will know weather patterns and other facts about the conditions, place, and time of year we are going.
Simple skills like those that allow a Scout to use a pocket knife, start a fire, and the rest of the list of “Trail to First Class” skills are an important in your Scouts adventures.
We spend much of our time in preparation for events.  How much time we spend on skills development directly affects how the event will go.
When you are talking about those adventure with increased risk the amount of skills development will impact the risk management and reduction of risk.
Skills are important no matter what the adventure, make sure that you dedicate time and energy to quality skills development.  Take no short cuts when it comes to skills.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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