Krusteaz “One Step” Muffins

Planning and preparing for an awesome time on the trail typically revolves around food in one way or another.  I mean, face it.. we walk till we eat.. then we walk some more till we get to camp… and eat.  We wake up, and eat.  Point is meal planning is important.  We will get into that more later, but I wanted to share with you one of the ways that I plan and prepare meals.  I test them at home first.
I stumbled on this Krusteaz “One Step” muffin mix at our local store.  It’s great because you just add water.
I use silicone cups to do the baking in.  You can pick them up everywhere.  They are easy to clean and reuse.
Enjoy the video.

Bake some of these next time you are out on the trail.. You will not be disappointed.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Great idea and a good presentation. I wish you would have played different music though. The music you played was not one of my favorite songs! Maybe next time you could find something with less trumpet and more clarinet in it!! ;>))YiS


  2. Thanks Jerry. You are always coming up with great stuff like this! We are headed out this Friday for a two-nighter. I’m going to the grocery in the morning to see if I can find that muffin mix. What size was the MSR pot you were using?


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