Where do we go now?

Its been a month since I posted my last podcast.  I won’t go into too much detail here, but lets just say that “the tribe had spoken” and it looked like I was being voted off the island so to speak.
The good news is that my Scouting life is going great and some great local Scouting friends got me back on the right track.
So Show 94 is out and in the show we talk about my Troop getting the annual plan finished and things are looking up for Scouting around our area.
Take a listen to the show and let me know what you think.  There are many ways to send us feedback.  Leave a comment here, drop us an email, shoot us a voice mail and use PTCMedia.net to leave feedback.
I spent some of today making muffins on the backpacking stove, a video is coming soon on that.  A real quick, easy, and yummy idea for the trail.
If you have never baked with your backpacking stove.. the time is now.

Listen to the podcast HERE

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. I was listening to your podcast in the car on the way to work this morning. I was very surprised by the negative comments you received to the interview you did with your SPL at summer camp. I LOVED IT! I liked it so much I’m going to build it into our Troop Leadership Training next month. I’m going to ask the boys to listen to it and answer some questions before the training event. We’ll then do a group discussion and lessons learned at the training. When I listened to your SPL’s comments, I thought, what a better way for our young men to learn how to be a boy leader in our troop? Boys learning from boys. Thanks for posting that real world interview and departing from the lofty ideals we often get from so many scouters. Forget those negative comments, you are right on track!

    ASM – Troop 236
    Greenfield, IN


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