11 days

It has been 11 days since I last posted.. Announcing a winner to the SMMPhoto contest.  11 days since I have really sat at the computer and gave the time to jot something down of significance.  Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are great ways to let the world know about our minute by minute world changing activities like loosing pounds, winning an online chess game, or showing off a wonderful sunrise, the Blog to me is not that forum and I reserve the time for the blog to share something I think worth sharing.
With that.. 11 days have gone by since anything of significance.. unless I count the great time that I have been enjoying over the last two weeks.
Spending time with the Patrol Leaders Council last week, preparing for a Kayak trip down the Deschutes River with the Troop this coming weekend, wrapping up the final details for our newest Eagle Scout, playing golf and shaving a few strokes off the long game.
Its Football season, and that absorbs lots of my attention.  My youngest son stepped on the Football field on September 2nd under the lights of the stadium and made his starting debut as the Quarterback of the Reynolds High School Raiders.. he’s only a Sophomore and over the last two weeks he has made a name for himself on the field demonstrating that passion and hard work will pay huge rewards on the field.
School has started and now the house is once again full of friends, home work, and the drama of school life as 2 Seniors and a Sophomore kicked off yet another academic year.  Eagle Projects, Band practice, Football, and conditioning for the upcoming Wrestling season have taken over the lazy days of summer.
Time spent with family and friends have kept me away from the computer and surfing the web, and you know it felt great.
This morning my two buddies and I played a great round of golf.  We walked the course joking and making fun of each others game.  It was a great time spent with friends.  As we walked the course we talked a little about how life has changed since 2001.  Our kids have grown up a lot, our jobs never changed, our families got bigger, and aside from an all expense paid trip to Iraq and the loss of some good people, our lives up here in the Northwest really just went on.  We have really felt the impact of watching ground zero transform into a monument.  Besides the visit to the Pentagon during the National Jamboree, the pain felt in Washington DC did not ripple its way out West.
This week there has been a lot of build up about the anniversary of September the 11th.  A tragic day in the history of America but what are we supposed to do.  I propose we never forget about what happened, but not just what happened, but who did it and why.  We should never forget it and never forgive it.  We should fight these distributors of terror, these cowards that have no honor, every day until they are all gone.
One of the ways we fight them is by not letting them disrupt our way of life and our will to be free.  We when compromise and dismiss the fact that these terrible beasts are out there to hurt us we let them win.  We need to fight and fight and fight.  I will fight them every day.  I will never forgive them and never forget what they have done to my country.  And most of all.. I will not let them win.
If this offends you.. I am don’t know what to tell you… I am not sorry.
What these animals did to our Country is no different than what the Japanese did on December 7th, 1941.  And we destroyed them.  We won.
We have to make this 10th Anniversary of the 2001 Attack on America a resolution to win.
So remember where you where that day.  Remember how you felt.  Remember the lives lost, the damage done.. then resolve to get on with our lives and win this war on terror.  I AM NOT AFRAID!
To make this Scout like.. a Scout is Brave.. a Scout is Loyal.. and a Scout makes a promise to do his duty to GOD and COUNTRY.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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