Open wide the doors.. they will come

An 11 year boy walks into the meeting hall with his mother.  He see’s a big group of boys joking and laughing, telling stories about summer camp and some of them are frantically getting items signed off in their handbooks.
His mom approaches and asks if I am Jerry.  Yes I am I reply and we exchange handshakes.
Welcome to Troop 664!
And this is….?  Tristan, she says, he wants to be a Boy Scout.
You have come to the right place I tell her and invite her to sit down.  In moments she is filling out an application and Tristan is off with his new Patrol mates.  Playing a gathering game and getting to know his new friends.
He is a new kid in town, just moved from out of State.  He is excited and ready for an adventure.
Fitting right in with the other 11 year olds, this place is meant for him.. I can tell.
I had been playing phone tag with his parents for a few weeks now trying to get him in… it seems that the council is doing a fine job of recruiting for me.  Tristan’s parents said they called the council and the Troop they recommended was us. 
Got a call yesterday from another parent looking for a Scout Troop.  They also got a high recommendation from the downtown office.  They will be joining right after Labor day.
I guess what my Scoutmaster mentor Tim said years ago was absolutely right… “Build a great program and they will come.”
Its all about the program.  Fun, Adventure, and Life lessons.  It gets them in the door and keeps them there.
Welcome to the Troop Tristan!… It’s great to have you!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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