Break Time… Break Time…  Those few words used to be music to my ears when I worked in the hub at UPS..  Today, they mean something a little different.
Remember a few weeks back when we talked about everyone needs to take a break.. well folks.. this is my break!
Its been crazy around the SMJerry Compound.. summer camp prep, the young one getting ready for 2 a days, and band camp is just around the corner.  The older one is still staffing at camp and the Troop has still been busy despite the summer and economy.
Last night I spent the better part of two hours getting my dutch ovens cleaned up and ready for summer camp, got the family camping gear down, and started signing blue cards.  132 to be exact.
Tomorrow we are heading out to Detroit Lake State Park for some family camping.  Sunday I will head up to Camp Pioneer for a week of summer camp.. so this is my break.
There will be no Podcasts till I return in a week and the blog is going to be silent as well.
While I am not taking a break from Scouting, and I certainly will have the recorder with me at camp.. just taking this little piece of my daily schedule out for a week is going to be a much needed break.
So.. doing unsubscribe, don’t think I have pod-faded… I shall return in about 10 days, refreshed and will have lots to talk about. 
While I am off the net.. this would be a great time to keep your photos coming for the contest.. send in your show ideas for Show #100.. and drop some feedback on the blog!
Thanks for reading, listening, and being the Scouter you are!
Now.. it’s family time till Sunday.. no computers.. limited cell coverage… and a lot of fun!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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