Right before your eyes…

And in the blink of an eye they grow.  Ok folks get ready for this.. a NON SCOUTING POST
Tonight we sat down with a photographer to set up appointments, packages, and wardrobe for my daughters Senior Portraits.  Senior Portraits.. wait a gosh darn minute.. what happened to my little girl? 
As the photographer asked her questions about likes and dislikes, hair styles, college plans, and out fits she is planning on wearing, I could not help but sit there quietly.. yes I said quietly and listen to my daughter giggle and twirl her hair answering the questions.  This is the same little princess that would answer “White” whenever you said “Snow”!
In the blink of an eye they grow.
The moral of the story here is that time fly’s and before you know it.. they have grown.  Don’t blink you will miss it.
There has been a lot of talk lately about balance in our lives.  If nothing else reminds you of how important it is, just watch your kids grow.
My youngest son, the football player sat patiently as we made arrangements with our daughter.  The photographer is going to take photos of him this season.  He makes fantastic books that chronicle the season highlighting the player.  There again, I watched as they talked about they type of offense they run and the schedule for the year.
I could not help but see that these two kids are growing into fine people.  They have their own interests, they communicate differently, and they have each have a distinct personality.
They are growing so fast, my wife and I make it a priority to be a part of their lives as much as possible.  Our house is that house that every one hangs out at.  Our cars are always full of friends, band gear, football gear, and coolers of food for wrestling tourney’s and school events.
This is how we have created our family environment.  It is a fun place, a safe place, and a home full of love.
But they grow so fast.  I am glad that so far none of them have out grown a hug and are not afraid to say I love you in front of their friends.  And knowing them, that will never change.
Tonight, as I sit here writing, directly behind me, my son and a few of his buddy’s are making silk screens for t-shirts.  They are laughing and joking and having a great time.  I am glad that we can share these moments.
Our oldest son, our daughters twin, is staffing at summer camp this summer.  Words could never describe how much I miss his company.  Next week he will be home for the weekend.. I can’t wait.
If I could control one thing.. I would never blink.
Right before your eyes… Bam! they are grown.


  1. Well said, my friend! They grow up very fast!

    My Scout (now 26) has two daughters (four years and one year) and my wannabe Scout (daughter 24) has a three year old daughter and a 5 month old future Scout!


  2. Jerry,

    My precious little girl just graduated from Nursing school in Houston this past may, moved to Dallas with her husband to take a job in an emergency room at a large hospital there, and posted the following on her facebook page: “holy cow, that’s what a big kid pay check looks like???” Oh for the vaunted time vortex that would wisk me away to yester year so I could relive the times of making a snowman together, and letting her ride on my back in the pool, and watching her do ballet recitals to poorly recorded classical music in stuffy auditoriums. Wouldn’t it be wonderful.


  3. Tim is 30. It seems like only yesterday that he was an Eagle Scout 🙂

    His kids were at our house yesterday afternoon and it was great. You are entering that inbetween phase when they are leaving and the grandchildren aren’t here yet. Don’t worry, it keeps getting better!


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