Calling all Podcast listeners

I am sending out a plea to all the listeners of the SMMPodcast!!!  Show 100 is just 8 Shows away!  I need your help to make it a great show… yeah I know.. how much better can it get?  Right?
What I am looking for is what you want to see in Show 100.  I would love to have some guests, maybe?  Any topic in particular?  Help me out on this folks.
And then we will start the next 100!  If I were tweeting this maybe we could throw a cool hash tag on it like #100showsin.
So help me out, send your ideas to me via email, smoke signal, telegraph or yeah you can even tweet it to me @smjerry.

It’s funny, I was talking with Cubmaster Chris from the AHAW show.  We were talking about when I came into PTCMedia in 2008.  My first show hit on March 11, 2008, but Chris was not sure.  He wanted me to have 10 shows under my belt before I became a part of PTCMedia.  So show #10 hit the internet on May 15th of 2008 and the rest they say is history.
I have a lot of fun with the podcast and hope that you all still enjoy listening.

I thank you all for the downloads.  It means a lot to see that people do listen.

Have a Great Scouting day!

One comment

  1. Can not listen here at the World <Jamboree. Just got off 6 hours of dish washing. Fun folks. My patrol from France, Australia, Zimbabwe, India. Had one from Luxomburg but he changed to be with friends. More when I get home. Congrats on the 100 show.


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