DIY underquilt for the hammock

I have been working on some DIY gear lately.. not really because I have the need to make my own stuff, more because I wanted the challenge of making it.
I took an old synthetic sleeping bag that was rated at 10 degrees.  The zipper is broke and the boys got new bags, so this was a prime candidate to be cut in half.
I cut the bag in half and sewed the edges closed.  I cut out the zipper and sewed a grosgrain ribbon edge along the sides.
I ran shock cord through the grosgrain edge to run to the suspension of the hammock.
All in all this works well.  I still have some tinkering to do with the ends.. maybe another piece of cord to draw the ends closed.  I need to work on the hang also, as the Hennessy Hammock has the asymmetrical hang.  I made some adjustments last night moving the shock cord over the rear guy line, this kept the foot end of the under quilt in place.  The shoulder area seemed to stay put until I rolled over onto my side, then I could feel it slide under me.  I am sure the fix is in the way I have the shock cord running to the suspension line.
The entire project cost me $12 for the shock cord and the grosgrain ribbon.   That’s about $130 cheaper than buying a new one.
I slept in it last night until I got too hot and instead of just reaching under and pushing it aside, I went into the house and slept in my own bed.  I love the hammock… but c’mom… my bed…
Good project.. think I may get into more DIY stuff.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


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