Poll results – Summer camp

The results are in for the “What do you do at Summer camp” Poll.

And it looks like 68% of you participate in Adult Programs.  26% of you just hang out with a good book and pretty much the rest of you get in the Scouts way (6%). 
OK..  this is for the 6 percenters out there… STOP IT!!!  Summer camp is not for you to get in their way!  Get on board with the 68% that are doing it right!
There are many options for you at summer camp.. none of which call for you to get in the way.
Have a great summer camp.. but let the Scouts do the same.
If I have offended those of you in the 6%… page 170 of the new Scout Handbook will assist you in treating for shock.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Hey, Jerry–

    Just got back from Summer Camp at Camp La No Che in Central Florida. Had an experience I’d like to get your insights on- parents on campouts.

    The father of a 1st year camper volunteered to go along with us. The Camp offered an option of waiving fees for adults who worked or helped with one of the stations. When there, he volunteered to help with the motorboating/waterskiing station- and therefore got in free.
    1) He refused to drive with us (not really a caravan situation, but we prefer to drive the same path and within a reasonable distance just in case of car issues).
    2) He was rude & hazed the staff at flags (our assigned staffer wore hair bands- and our parent constantly called them “sissy bands” loudly & to his face) in front of the other Scouts.
    3) When asked to stop by one of our younger ASMs, he replied “I’m not going to let a 20 year old tell me what to do”
    4) When not driving the boat at camp, he left the camp on prolonged geocaching junkets- he’s a devout hobbyist. One of these was so long that it nearly resulted in a call to the Sheriff.
    5) Not only was he constantly contemptuous about the camp, the staff, but was negative & disrespectful of our troop & it’s leaders- these comments, above all else, disturbed our Scouts.

    The only good things was that he worked with our ASPL re: putting together a fair duty roster and he wasn’t a “helicopter” parent.

    OK.. having said all that, I can see where an adult with no previous Scouting experience might act like this, but this was an EXPERIENCED Webelos leader.

    Despite this, the Scouts enjoyed Summer Camp- the facilities & the staff were great and the food was good too.

    YIS, Larry


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