Troop Elections.. Poll follow up

The results of the “Elections” poll are in.. 75% responded that they hold elections every 6 months while the other 25% hold annual elections.  There was a lot of email and comments on this one.  Thank you!
As promised I told you that I would weigh in on this after the poll.
My unit holds elections every 6 months, BUT here is how our PLC decided to conduct elections.
They only elect the Assistants.  Let me explain.
After struggling to maintain any consistency in leadership, meaning… after the out going SPL or Patrol leader left office the incoming SPL had to learn the ropes.. well this was taking about 6 months.. just when he had the job down, he was out.  So they decided to elect Assistants.. the Assistant would spend the 6 months learning, being coached and mentored.. and at the end of the 6 month period, he would automatically step up to the position of SPL or Patrol leader, which ever the case may be.  This way he had a year to practice and then work in the position.  The Troop has been doing this for 4 years now and it works out fantastic.  The same amount of Scouts have the opportunity to lead and when they become the actual leader, they know what they are doing. 
Our Troop holds elections after Summer Camp and then again in February right before our annual Red and Green Dinner.  This makes for great transition periods.  We hold Troop Junior leader Training each Fall and every one is invited.
This program has been very successful and I don’t see our PLC changing it any time soon.
Thanks again for all your emails and comments on this topic.  There were some really great ideas and I was glad to see many of you participate.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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