This Weeks Poll

This weeks poll asks the question about Unit elections.  Do you hold them annually, Bi-annually?  Do you hold them when ever the need arises?  How do you do unit elections in your unit?
Well….  Lets hear it.
Leave your answer in the comments section so we all can get a feel for how unit elections are conducted around our Scouting World.
I’ll give you my thoughts later.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Hi Jerry,

    We have them every six months, which means just about the time they’re performing, we jump back to forming. 🙂




  2. I started twice yearly elections–September first after school starts, then late March or early April after Summer Camp sign-up. Try to encourage SPL or ASPL going to camp.

    Also took cue from SM Handbook and term limit one reelection. Can stand again after sitting out a cycle.


  3. We do elections for SPL and patrol leaders every 6 months. If one of the leaders has to step down, we do a special election for that position.


  4. I encourage the PLC to hold elections biannually. Leadership is a learned skill and I want as many scouts as possible to have an opportunity to practice what they learn. 6 month intervals seem to give my SPL and his PLC enough tenure to learn the ropes and become proficient. On a number of situations a SPL or PL have served consecutive tenures.

    I have the PLC develop a requirement list for elected positions. The ability to attend troop meetings and PLCs are one of the basic requirements I expect to be on that list.

    The difficulty with elections, for me as SM, has been when is the best time to hold them. I found a major obstacle has been our community’s youth sports leagues. Once a very competent scout was elected as SPL only to be side tracked with football practices and games; an awkward situation for the SPL and the PLC. Now I have the PLC plan for elections to take place after football, baseball, or soccer seasons have all ready started. In this way a scout involved in a sport essentially eliminates himself from the ballot because he isn’t in attendance to be nominated or when elections takes place.

    I’ve had some parents complain about their athletic son not having the opportunity to serve in an elected position. I remind them that Scouting is a year round program, and their son can have the opportunity to be elected in approximately 6 months. I also let them know their son could accept an appointed leadership position that would be more conducive to their son’s schedule.

    I’m not trying to punish the athletic scouts, After all physical fitness is one of the aims of scouting. It seems only fair to let the scouts who have made scouting a priority, have the opportunity to serve in the vital, visible leadership roles.


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