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First of all I want to thank all of you for reading the blog.  I want to especially thank those of you that have recently subscribed to the blog and podcast.  We just saw a big bump in “membership”.  That’s great and thanks.  It does not pay more, but it does push good Scouting stuff up in the rankings.. and for me, well, that’s pay enough.
I love Scouting and want to see it in the fore front of this new media.
I have recently received a hand full of email regarding the header for the blog.  Specifically the picture and why it’s not more “Scout like”?  It’s a long story, but I will give you the short version.
Last year the BSA notified PTCMedia (of which I am a part) that we needed to remove all Scouting logos, words, names, etc from our Podcasts.  Since this blog, which is not really a part of PTCMedia but closely associated as part of the podcast, carried at the time those elements, I had to change the name from “the Scoutmaster  Minute Blog” to the SMMBlog.  It was not a choice I wanted to make, but I was not going to stop blogging about my love for Scouting and my quest to help deliver the promise just because of a logo and name.  The same went for the podcast.  We decided that we were not going to stop podcasting just because the BSA did not like our names.
Having said all of that… All of us that blog and podcast do so because we believe in the program and would not intentionally hurt the brand.  We were offered an opportunity to become BSA licensees.  Unfortunately for this blogger it is cost prohibitive and so a name change is easier that writing a big check.
I understand the need to protect the brand.  As stated, I would never do anything to harm the BSA or present the BSA in a negative light.  What I don’t understand is why the BSA moves so slow in the new media, further, I don’t get why the BSA would not latch on to those of us that are out here making Scouting better.
So back to the header and logo.  The current header is a picture I took while out on a camp out with my troop.  It is the peak of Mt. Hood.  Because I lack the skills and talent to make a real cool logo or header… that is what I put up there for the blog.  It’s that simple I suppose, I just lack skills and talent in that area.
So here’s the deal.  I want a cool header/logo.  If you can come up with something I can use on the blog/podcast I will send you a copy of the book “Working the Patrol Method”.
Email your entry to if I use yours, the book will be on the way!
We all love the BSA and the programs if offers the youth of our communities.  It should not be that hard to promote it and help others deliver the promise of Scouting.. and that is why we do it!
#100daysStrong – GET OUT AND HIKE!
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. You write a great blog. The information is very valuable and an enjoyable read. Thanks for what you do, and for not letting the bureaucracy that is large organizations – even one as good ad the BSA – stand in your way of making Scouting better by helping us to be better leaders.


  2. Hi Jerry,
    It does seem strange to me that the BSA seems so inflexible about the use of its logos and even the use of words like ‘Scoutmaster’. To expect you to pay the organisation to which you belong and are a fully paid up member, for logos etc. to enable you to promote Scouting seems crazy!

    The Scout Association here in the UK, has a slightly different approach. For example, in the multimedia section of our ‘Brand Centre’ it states –
    “The copyright in all cases is owned by The Scout Association, although you may use them freely to promote Scouting.”
    So as long as we are not doing anything to bring Scouting into disrepute, we can use all the stuff available in our blogs etc.
    Maybe you might mention to your ‘high ups’ how the SA are doing things! It would certainly make sense for bloggers and podcasters to be able to use the BSA stuff as you are all doing a great job at promoting Scouting and the BSA and helping your fellow Scouts.

    As to your logo, unhappily I’m rather artistically inept, so I can’t help you, but I look forward to seeing what you choose.




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