Lots of Catching up to do…

Well, its been a few days since the last post, and not for a lack of trying or ‘want to’ rather the National Meetings of the BSA had my attention.
Over the next few posts I will be discussing some of the things I picked up, but for now I just want to say thanks to all the great Scoutmasters out there.  I hope you understand the impact.. the lasting impact you are making in the lives of our young men.  As Rex Tillerson, the National President of the BSA said this morning “You [Scoutmasters] are the tip of the spear”.  Leaving a lasting legacy in our units, councils, but more importantly in the young men we serve.
He [Rex Tillerson] talked about “Aha moments” that he gleans from these events.. well my “Aha Moment” was seeing all the dedicated Scouters that really put their collective money where there mouth is.
I really don’t want to get into the dollars that are moving around the BSA, but lets just say that all things being relative, none of should complain about what we give in Scouting.
We all give a lot of time, talent, and treasure to make Scouting great… but there are folks out there that are making huge waves with the rocks they are pitching in the pond.
I will never be in their tax bracket.. but let me tell you that beyond the money.. the “aha moment” was the total life dedication to Scouting that comes with these great people.
Each of us know Scouters in our District that are “That Scout guy or gal”.. what I saw was above and beyond anything that we at the unit and district level could imagine as dedication to Scouting.  I will talk about that more later.
It left me feeling, in a non monetary way, that I was not doing enough.  I will never be able to lay 25,000,000 on Scoutings table, but I will dedicate time, energy, and when I can financial support to the greatest youth organization in the world.   A quick glance at the work that these dedicated individuals have accomplished leaving a direct impact on the Scouts of America, yes a Direct impact, amazed me at the Silver Buffalo ceremony.  I was impressed and encouraged that Scouting is alive, well, and moving forward.
I will post more later.
#100daysStrong – instead of a tip this time I am throwing this out there for you:
The Physical Fitness Award is part of a BSA program of emphasis for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Leaders. Details of the program are on-line, on the official BSA web site, and can be seen by clicking here.
Complete a cardiovascular fitness evaluation/consultation with your personal health care provider.
Using the BSA references listed after the seven major components, give a presentation to a BSA or other community youth group (at least eight youth participants) on cardiovascular fitness, diet, the health benefits of regular aerobic exercise, exercise recommendation for the Scout-age group, and healthy lifestyles.
Review the BSA guidelines for the Athletics and other physical activity or personal fitness-oriented merit badge and explain steps you have taken to follow each of the guidelines for the fitness goals. Explain precautions to be taken for a physical fitness activity in each of the following: woods, fields, facilities, and waterfront.
Explain to your mentor the symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia. Explain the special considerations for preventing dehydration and hypothermia.
Properly outfit for physical activities with proper equipment, clothing, and footwear. Know your own capabilities and limitations. Illustrate how you would prepare for the physical fitness goals included in the award program.
With supervision from your mentor or other qualified persons, set up a fitness goal-oriented plan using the seven major components of fitness.
Demonstrate your ability to improve your strength, posture, endurance, agility, speed, accuracy, and balance with your own goal-oriented fitness plan.
If you have completed the Physical Fitness Award requirements, you can download the application here.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


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