To Keep myself Physically Strong..

That point in the Scout Oath that is often over looked.. said real fast to get to “Mentally Awake.. Morally Straight”.  Yep, I’m calling you out!  But just as the old adage says.. when you point a finger, three are pointing back at you.
I consider myself in good shape, and I am with in the Height and Weight limits to go to Philmont, but you know I could always do better.
It is a peeve of mine when Scout leaders preach fitness and then are not fit.  I understand, and have compassion for those volunteers that have medical conditions and physical aliments that they have to live with, really I feel bad for those people.  But on the other hand, what example of physical fitness are they modeling for the young men and women in Scouting?  Now, I do not expect all Scout leaders to the poster child on the wall of a local gym, but I would expect them to be able to at least keep up and practice what they preach.
Many well intentioned Scouters give lots and lots to Scouting.  I had a friend that recently passed away.  He was way to young to go, but health issues plagued him.  Diabetes, circulation problems, heart issues, and yes he was extremely overweight.  He was a dear friend and tried to do everything he could in Scouting.  He would attend Summer camp, he was as active as he could be in the Order of the Arrow, he was a great merit badge counselor, but when he tried to go to Arrow Corps 5 he was turned down because of his weight.  And as much as is pains me to say it… rightly so… he was a liability that the BSA could not afford.  What if something would go wrong out in the middle of Shasta?  I felt bad for him, but then on the other hand, his weight was his problem and no one put it on but him.  He could control it.  He used to be a strong, fit man.  A fire fighter, a backpacker, and very active.  Then came the weight and down went the activity and everything else.  I never want to be “that guy”. 
I think it is very important that we try as hard as we can to be the model of fitness, especially when around our Scouts.  They should see us eating healthy, not smoking and discouraging tobacco use, we should be active and take a look in the mirror once in a while to see what you look like in uniform.
Remember.. three fingers pointing back here.  We could all do better.
Which brings me to the point.  Scoutsigns has done it again!  #100daysStong is the next 100 days of blogging, this time its all about YOU and getting yourself Physically Fit.. oh and along the way encouraging fitness in your units!  I am on board with this effort.. I could always better myself, I have Philmont coming up next summer and I need to be in top shape to keep up with the crews we are taking.  As we get older, we should not slow down, nature will set its course, but we do have ways to stay on top of it and fight back a bit.
So, here we go #100daysStrong, lets see how we can be Physically Strong and live that part of the Promise!
DAY 1.
Eat healthy and stay away from Pop.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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