Gilwell a place in the heart

Home from the most emotionally charged Scouting event I have every seen.  Wood Badge course W1-492-11 has left Gilwell and are now working their tickets.  The ax has been pulled from the log and the staff is either home or on their way home.
I will write more later about this amazing chapter in my life, but for now, I need to relax and process the emotions, the joy, and the fact that now the Buffalo Patrol (and the 7 patrols of the course) are embarking on a journey to leave a Legacy that will profoundly impact their lives and the lives of many Scouts and Scouters around them.  They have dropped a pebble in their pond… who will the ripple hit?

Gilwell will never leave my heart… that is where Gilwell lives.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Congrats on having completed the Woodbadge training. I found your blog purely by accident as I was searching for other Scouting materials. I have just recieved my “Beads” just this May 14th, 2011, from WE3-28-10. It is an awesome feeling now that I have earned my “Ticket Home”. The course is demanding, tiring, wearing, fun and mainly educational. As a Bobwhite, I salute you!


  2. Bob, thanks for the comment. I completed Wood Badge in 2005 Receiving my beads from WE1-492-1-05. I received my third bead this year as a Troop Guide for W1-492-11.
    Glad you found the blog.
    I used to be a Beaver.. and a Good ‘Ol Staffer too!


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