Day 73 or 74?

Well I have officially lost count on the #100daysofscouting blog count.  I have been trying to get a good blog post daily, but we all know how that goes.  Life gets in the way and there is always a lot of Scouting to do.
So today I have been putting the final touches on my gear for Wood Badge W1-492-11.  My first shot at being on a Wood Badge Staff.  I must be honest and say that I am excited about the up coming course and hope that I can influence some Scout leaders as much as my Troop guide influenced me.
The printing is done, the supplies gathered, and the knowledge is locked away in the recess’ of my brain.
I worked on the blog today.. you may have noticed a new theme.  I am typically not a fan of the black backgrounds, but for some reason, this theme appealed to me… I still may toy with the background though.. not sure I am stuck on black.  let me know what you think.
Started a page to host the Podcast.. NO I AM NOT LEAVING PTCMedia.. I just wanted to have a place to put the shows that make it easy for those that read the blog to find… Let me know what you think.
So its either day 73 or 74 and the #100daysofscouting is still going strong with many great bloggers.
I was asked today if it was too late to get on the SMMPodcast Blog Roll.. NO!!  Keep them coming!  I want to feature a Blog every week on the podcast.. but I want you to help!  Just call the SMMVoice mail at 503-308-8297 and leave a message.. You will get your blog featured if you call!  We have a great Scouting online community here.. lets share it around.

Well, that’s about enough for now.. I will post more as we get closer to heading out to Wood Badge!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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