Leadership, Learning, Camping, and other stuff…

It seems like playing catch up is the norm these days on the blog,  I think once this Wood Badge course is over things may settle down just a bit.  So let me share with you whats been going on since the last post on Thursday.
First.  Growth.  We brought two more Scouts into our Troop last night.  They are gung ho and ready for the adventures that await them.  They jumped right in and started learning lashing last night, a skill they will need next month at Camporee.  We also had a Dad show up at our meeting last night to pick up an application for himself and his son.  They will be transferring into our Troop next month. 
I was talking with one of the ASMs last night after he returned from the cross over ceremony of one of the new Scouts.  He said that the up coming (Current Webelos 1) Webelos Den is excited about coming to our Troop.  That will bring 10 more in next year from that Pack.  So the Growth of our Troop is looking good for the future.  I think the real success comes from 1.  Having a great program, and 2.  Having relationships with many Packs.  This year we received new Scouts from 4 different Packs, last year it was 5 different Packs but one of them had no Second year Webelos this year.  But they will for the Fall recruiting season.
Skills.  Last night I threw out a tweet about our PLC struggling with Camporee prep.  Its not at melt down level, but last night they required a little motivation.  So here is the story there.  We have just undergone some churn in the Troop and the Scouts that are currently leading are real young.  Thats a good thing, BUT…
The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster was our last SPL and he left some pretty big shoes to fill.  As much as a great leader he became, he often made life real easy for the Patrol Leaders in that they never really had to struggle.  He was a good mentor to them and got things done.  Well.. what he did not do is train up his successor very well.  The ASPL under him had the easiest job ever hanging out in the shadows.  And now he has to lead.  It is a small bump in the road, and he did learn a lot under the old SPL, he has proven that, he just needs prompting and coaching.  The good news is that The JASM is still here to help him out.  Last night the SPL learned the hard way that he was in fact in charge of the Troop and I think he got it.  The meeting went very well once he crossed the hurdle and they got the next month planned and assignments out to the Patrols.
Last nights Troop meeting went real well and was a great demonstration of Scout leadership.  I am proud of them and the way they negotiate obstacles.  It tells me that they are learning and practicing what they learn.
Last night the Patrols made new Patrol flags.  They have abandoned their old heavy flags and made “Backpacking” Patrol flags.  I will get pictures up as soon as possible.
On the last camp out.  The camp out was a wet one, but test skills and leadership.
The Scouts built the gateway they are going to have at Camporee and practices Flint and steel fire making.   They played a leadership/communication game called “Get me through the mine field” and really learned the value of effective communication.  It was harder than they thought, but they had fun and learned.
It was two fantastic nights in the Hammock… I am in love with it.
Got show #83 in the can yesterday.  It is a listener suggested show.  It will be out tomorrow I hope you enjoy it.
Well that’s about it for now.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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