SMMPodcast Show #81 – Backpacking w/ Ken

In this show I sit down with District Trainer and avid Backpacker Ken Hall and discuss planning the 50 miler.  Lots of great information for planning your next long trip, or short trip too.
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This show is sponsored by the Boy Scout Store.
Listen to the Show :  SMM81

On next weeks show I have two very special guests and friends.  My District Commissioner and our District Vice Chair for Program.  We sat down and talked about Youth Protection and how it has effected this years recharter.

Have a Great Scouting Day! 

One comment

  1. You have no idea how this podcast has helped me to realize that I have a bunch of boys that “Can Do It”
    As a dad that has been with his son for seven years now in Scouting, And now looking to become the next ScoutMaster for an unbelievable boy led troop, This has given me the drive to look into next years schedule and see if we can put this idea to the test. Thank you for posting this. I do listen and read as much information as you put out when I have time. Thanks again, your time to put this together is not going unnoticed in the scouting world.


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