1. Welcome to the hammock brotherhood! I got one about three years ago and have used it on summer trips. You really do sleep well, much better than on the ground. Mine doesn’t have the zipper though, so I am jealous. I’ll have to look at the new models.


  2. Jerry, Welcome to the club. I have not slept on the ground in a long time.

    You should consider the Hennessy snake skins to carry the hammock in. You can then use the bag for something else. I wrap my snakeskinned hammock around my pack so I can set it up as a seat at breaks in the hiking.

    I tried the rings without the carabiner and had some trouble getting it unloosed the next morning. The carabiner must be there to get the rings off the suspension so they can be removed.

    You may find that when you camp in this thing, you will get a lot of people come over to see what this “crazy” thing you are doing is. I don’t mind that. My 54 year old back thanks me.


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