>#100daysofscouting – Time to brag on the boys a bit


Putting together the work sheet for the Top Troop Award for our District has been an eye opener this year.  The Troop is bigger and 2010 was an incredible year for all of us in Scouting.
Now, I put this together a couple weeks ago, but finally got to email it to the committee tonight.  It was tonight that I really took a look and broke down the numbers for 2010 as it applies to the Top Troop award.  We have been in the top 3 each year for the last 4 years, so I think we have a sporting chance again this year.. but even if we don’t win.. we already won!  2010 was a great year for our Troop.
Let me show you some of the numbers, and if it seems like I am bragging.. well I am proud of the Scouts of our Troop, our Troop committee, and everyone that has their hand in delivering the promise of Scouting in Troop 664!

We started the year with 28 Scouts and finished the year with 35.  We had a few drop and we gained a few.. but we grew.
We had a total of 33 advancements in rank.
We had an average participation (average number of Scouts) at District or Council events of 19.5.
We did 11 camp outs this year for a total of 27 nights, plus 12 Scouts participated 10 nights with the Jamboree.  Of the 12 Scouts that went to Jamboree 3 of them did both Summer camp and Jamboree.
The average participation (average number of Scouts) that attended our Troop camp outs was 21.8 or well over 70 % attendance.
Our Troop did  9 service projects this year (not including an Eagle Project) for a total of 811 service hours and 21.8 average participation.  I think that is pretty darn good.
We had 18 Scouts go to Troop Junior Leader Training and 1 went to NYLT.
We met our FOS goal for the 6th year in a row.  And met all of the requirements for Centennial Quality Unit.  We have never not been a Quality unit.
But the best part is we are youth led, and they made all of this happen during 11 PLC meetings and an annual planning session.
I am proud to be their Scoutmaster, and proud to be a part of Scouting!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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