>AH HA Moment


Last night my son and I attended the “Touchdown Club” meeting at the High School.  The Touchdown club is sort of like the boosters, but focuses 100% of its energy to the Football program. This is brand new at the School and is in its formation stages.  Last night was only the second meeting.
The objective of last nights meeting was to establish an organization table and select officers.  As the meeting progressed the discussion drifted to details of what we wanted to accomplish and how things were going to get done, but establishing our goal of organization was not happening.  In the last quarter of the meeting we finally did what we set out to do and adjourned.
As we were driving home, my youngest son, who is a life Scout said to me, “Dad, that sure looked a lot like the Forming, Norming, Storming, and Performing thing we talk about in TLT”.  He went on to say, “Looks like you guys are forming”.  AH HA!  He got it!  I told him that the reason we teach that stuff (the EDGE) is just for this reason… you will use it in your life no matter where you work, what club you are in, or even when you have a family.  The EDGE will get your organization to be a High Performance team.
I love it when they have the AH HA moments!
For #100daysofscouting – I mailed in my response and acceptance to the BSA National Meetings.. pretty much it yesterday.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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