>Boys to Men

>Last night at Round table we got into an interesting discussion about many of the Scouts in our Troops and the jest of the conversation was how neat it was to watch these boys become men.  You see our district is huge but many of our Troops are close enough together, and many of us Scoutmasters are great friends, so we see each other a lot and we see the Scouts of other Troops a lot also.  There are Scouts that I was Cubmaster for that are in other Troops and there are Scouts that go to School with my kids that are in other Troops.. bottom line.. we have a lot of visibility on the Scouts within our District, enough to know them a little and have the ability to comment on their growth.
We were talking about one Scout in particular that is currently in Basic training at Ft. Benning, GA.  I know him pretty well, he was active in the OA chapter and went to Jamboree as a Third Assistant Scoutmaster.  Lat night we put together little cards to send off to him.  As I filled out my card I could not help but reflect on how this little kid is now a grown man and that he is serving our country as a soldier.
Well this got me to thinking about the job that we do preparing these little kids to be men.   Life skills that they carry with them.  Character, respect, loyalty, Sticking with something to the end, being kind, how to treat women.. all of these things are in the Scoutmaster bag of lesson that we work with these young men.  We model these behaviors, we teach them by placing them in situations to make decisions, and we expect it of them as part of their promise to live the Oath and Law.
I look at the boys in my Troop and hope that one day they will all become good men, men of character and the kind of men we all can be proud of.  Men that will look back on their Scouting experience and know that we made a difference in their lives.
Its all good stuff.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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