The Internet has done amazing things for the Scouting community.. well no duh.. you are on it reading this or got it through the RSS feed..   But seriously.. the Internet has done amazing things to bring the World Brotherhood of Scouting into our homes.
Yesterday I was listening to a podcast about blogging (I really need to get a life), but in this podcast the speaker was talking about building his audience.  What it amounted to he said was not so much building an audience, but building a community.  Now we all are part of the Scouting community just by virtue of our membership, but in real communities there is contact.. there is interaction.. there is familiarities with the other members of the community, and that I think is one of the amazing things that the Internet has helped with within the Scouting community.
Last night I was invited to be a part of the Reynold High School Touchdown club, kind of like boosters, but solely for the purpose of supporting Reynolds Football.  The coach invited six people that all have sons in his program to start this organization.  As we talked last night about goals and our vision it became clear that what we really wanted to do was start a community within our community.  A community with a common vision and purpose.  Well here we are the Scouting community, we all have a unit we belong to, or a District function, or we work with our local councils (I am going to assume it stops there, if you are from National.. please email me.. I would love to know you).  Many of us wear many hats and serve Scouts and Scouting in many ways.. and then there is this… the Internet Scouting Community.. you may call it our Scouting Blogosphere.
The gang that started up the #100daysofscouting made huge steps in bringing our community together and it has had some pretty good results if you ask me.  But whats the next step?
YOU TELL ME.  And that’s whats next.  Tell me where we go from here.
Leave a comment and share you idea or ideas.. or drop a voicemail in the SMMVoicemail box (to your left).
There is so much potential in this community.. we need to tap in to it.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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