This week at the Troop meeting we worked on Rifle Marksmanship.  We will be shooting at our next camp out, so in order to spend more time sending bullets down range and not sitting in a class, we brought the rifle in to the meeting and worked on all of the basics in our meeting place.  Safety, parts of the rifle, how to clean and care for it, how to hold it, aim it, and squeeze the trigger.  We had a contest with the guys on keeping a dime on the end of the barrel when the trigger is squeezed, this helps them stay steady and controls breathing.  The most important part of marksmanship though is being responsible.  This lesson in life is really illustrated well in handling a rifle.  There is no room for error and no room for lack of responsibility.  Every one on the range has to be responsible for safety, every one on the range has to be accountable for their actions.  Accountability is a major part of responsibility, you see when you are responsible for something or some one you are also accountable for it and then its on you to do the right thing.
Whether is it on the rifle range, behind the wheel of a car, or getting up to go to work every day, you need to be responsible.
Scouting teaches responsibility in many ways and is a recurring theme throughout the program.  Scout need to take it, learn it, and be accountable for it.
#100daysofscouting update.
The Scouts held OA election Monday night, this will be on of the biggest groups we will have called out to go through the ordeal.
Worked with the Scouts on marksmanship, and checked in on the ceremonies team for this weekends crossover.
Put together parent information sheet for Philmont crew.
Another busy Scouting week!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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