>#100daysofscouting and numbers


Right after I posted the last entry to the blog I looked over to the recent post section over on the left column.  I rarely pay attention to it unless I am looking for something.  But what I noticed and it is no surprise, but since we started participating in the #100daysofscouting activity, the number of posts have increased, just like when I started the blog back in 2007.  Now I say this because I really enjoy the blog and blogging about Scouting and I think it is a good demonstration about focus.  Sometimes I feel we need to just stay focused and #100daysofscouting has refocused or focused many of us in that direction. 
I am enjoying reading everyone daily entries as they share with us what is going on in their Scouting world.  It truly has made our Scouting community closer.
Just so you don’t have to glance over there, let me just throw out these numbers (humor me).
In 2007 when I started blogging I blogged 107 posts all year, in 2008 that number jumped up to 236 posts, in 2009 it dropped down to 183 and in 2010, in the year that the blog should have been the most active with Jamboree and the Centennial celebration booming I only posted an anemic 89 times.  This year started off trending in that direction and then I was introduced to a spirited blast of blogs that recharged my batteries and got my focus back on the blog.  In the 28 days of February I posted 21 times and in the month of March is starting off right. 

Now I am not sure how it all really works, but this blog averages about 450 subscribers, to me that seems really low considering all the great Scouters out there, many of which blog too, but I suppose it is what it is and as long as there is one other person reading this, well then I guess all is well in Scouting Blog land.
Anyway, just wanted to Share this focus with you today.  It really is not about the numbers, but we all get excited when we share a moment in time with others, like being in the arena at Jambo with 70,000 other tan wearing Scouts and Scouters.. that was incredible, and so is the #100daysofscouting!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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