>His First Scoutmaster Conference


Last night I participated in a Scoutmaster Conference for a new Scout.  It was obviously his first Scoutmaster Conference as a Boy Scout and he was trying to earn his Scout Badge. 
Here is why I am posting this…
The excitement that he had was over the top and its not just him, but I notice that every new Scout trying to earn their Scout badge is always excited and ready.
He rattled off the Scout Oath and Law and was able to explain pretty much what it all meant to him.  He knows the handshake, salute, and handshake, and was proud to show me a crisp salute.
He was able to explain the parts of the Scout badge and even started with the stars of Truth and Knowledge.
And he even knew the outdoor code.
As I sat there listening and sharing some things about our Troop and the way he is playing an important role in it, I could not help but to think about how to harness that excitement.  How can we bottle that up and open it again when he is 16?
Well, I was not going to solve that one last night, but it did get me thinking.
Just as we concluded two Scouts (brothers) came up to me and informed me that they wanted to be added to the Philmont list.  Well that was all I needed.. I have been trying to unleash some excitement in them.  And I think they may have got it.  I think they get it from watching some of the young guys.  They feed on some of that energy and excitement.  What ever it is, it works.  I still want to be able to bottle it up and open when needed, but until I figure that out.. I will take what I get.
#100daysofscouting is going great.
I noticed that I have posted a bunch more here to the blog, that in and of itself is a tremendous thing to me as one of my goals for this year was to do so.  #100daysofscouting has given me more purpose with that goal.
Had a fun troop meeting last night.  And that is pretty much it.
Harness that excitement as best you can.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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