>SMMBlog and Podcast Voicemail


Earlier this year I talked about increasing the community as one of my Scouting goals for the year.  I receive a fair amount of emails from listeners of the Podcast and readers of the Blog, and I really love to hear from you. It is great to talk with the listeners and readers and it brings our Scouting circle tighter. 
Many Podcasters and Bloggers have a call in show or services that allow the fans of the show or blog an opportunity to express their opinions, give ideas, share stories, or just say hello.
The readership and downloads of the SMMPodcast and Blog are hanging in there.  Again, I won’t get into numbers, really because they are dropping, but that is ok.. I will still do this because I enjoy it and have got to meet some great Scouters out there doing it.
Anyway.. I have added a Google Voicemail service to the blog and Podcast.   To break it in I want to throw out a question with the hope that we might spark up a conversation.  My idea is that on an upcoming show the voice mails will take center stage.
So here is what you can help me with, Use the link or the number in the column on the left.  Click it or dial 503-308-8297.
Leave a voicemail with a message telling us what you are doing in these next 100 days of Scouting!
As you know there are many bloggers out there that are keeping a log of their Scouting journey.  Share yours with us.  It’s easy and I really want to share your story.
So lets hear from you!
Today on my journey through the #100daysofscouting I completed some preparations for the Red and Green Dinner tomorrow.
Put together my Hawaiian Shirt for the dinner and got the voicemail up on the blog.  I think that is good enough for today.
Don’t forget to call, click, or write.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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