>A few thoughts to wrap up the day.


Tuesday February 22, 2011.  Founders Day and the Anniversary of my marriage.
Founders Day.  Today we celebrate our Founder, Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell.

Born on this day in 1857.  Number 7 of 10 Children.  Chief Scout of the World, founder of the greatest peace movement the world has ever seen.

Today we have a lot to celebrate.  Scouting is alive and well around the world because of the vision of Baden Powell.
This morning I reflected on what being a member of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement means to me.  I had the privilege to be in a BSA troop in the Transatlantic Council.  Being a member of the TAC afforded me many opportunities to participate in International Scouting activities.  Our Troop shared a meeting place with Dutch, German, Canadian, and British Scouts.  We camped together, we sang together, in short, we shared Baden Powells vision of a World Brotherhood.  It was a great time and place to be a Scout.  Today is no exception.  In a world that has the Internet, Skype, and high speed travel.. Being a member of the WOSM is easier than ever to connect with the International Scouting Community.
Wedding Anniversary.  Today marks 19 years of marriage to my lovely wife.  She is tolerant and supportive and understands my passion for Scouting.  I suppose there isn’t much else I can say about that.  She is terrific and I love her.
Well today among other things (a bit more important) I still managed to get some things done.
Got our first payment off to Philmont.  But not until I called down to Philmont Scout Ranch and talked to a great lady named Betty at Camping reservations.  She answered some questions I had about our Trek next year and was very helpful.  Thanks Betty.
I am glad that our Troop is going to send two crews down to Philmont next year for a Mountain top experience backpacking in the Philmont Scout Ranch Back country.

Went to the Scout office for signatures on the Trek application and ended up chatting with some good Scout friends.. then off to the Scout Shop to pick up a few things for the Red and Green Dinner this Saturday.
Had to get new SPL and ASPL patches for the changing of positions coming up at the dinner.
Then it was back home for a final edit and clean up of Show #78 of the SMMPodcast.  In this show we talk about keeping all of your Scouts engaged in the program as well as some talk about Founders day.
Then it was off to Dinner with my lovely wife to celebrate her putting up with me for 19 years.
All in all.. A Great Scouting Day!  Hope you had one also!

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