>The harder the challenge


The harder the challenge the sweeter the reward.. I grew up with that little phrase deeply embedded in my brain and this weekend the Scouts of my Troop learned a bit about it.
Friday night we camped at the trail head of Barlow Pass Road and the PCT.  The temperature was dropping fast and the wind was whipping.  It was a struggle to get the tents up and gear stored, but they managed and even found time to throw a Frisbee around, that was tough against a wind also, but it was not going to stop a good time.
Saturday morning we awoke to snow drifts on our tents and chilly temps, and the wind was worse than the night before.  Breakfast was cooked, tents dropped and packs packed.  We put our snow shoes on and hit the trail.  Unfortunately, the first two miles of this section of the PCT are exposed as you cross a ridge.  The wind pounded us from about 9:30 AM to 12:45 when we finally crossed the ridge to the west side heading into Frog lake.  We ducked over the ridge line and into some trees, it seemed like a different world.  And a great place to have lunch.
The hiking was slow all morning, pack adjustments needed to be made, the wind was messing with anything that was not tucked away and the snow was blown and icy… But on the west side we had powdery snow and no wind.  And the hiking after lunch picked up and the pace was great.  We made it into camp around 3:50 PM.. a long time to get 5.5 miles.  Camp was set up quickly and out came the Frisbee.  A little exploring around the camp site and it was time to get dinner started and prepare for the long night ahead.
By 8 o’clock camp was quiet and the Scouts had all made it into the comfort of their sleeping bags.  A quick once around the camp and off to bed with me.
We woke up to light snow falling and chilly temperatures on Sunday.. ate breakfast dropped camp and hiked out to the cars.
The hardship of that hike in the wind test the Scouts of my Troop.. all they talked about on Sunday was how tough that was.  They all made it and did it well.  They tested themselves against the elements and won.
That challenge yielded the sweet reward to knowledge. They know they can do it.  They know that because of training and great attitudes they can accomplish anything.
So that is the recap for the last couple of Scouting days.. staying with the #100daysofscouting theme.
I am real proud of the young men in my Troop.  It’s going to be another great Scouting Week.!
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. >The best trips are often the most difficult – I love a good challenge and so do the Scouts!We had really great January outing in the snow and 7F (we get conditions like that on a trip every three years or so). So mush better than sunny and 70F!


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