>"Scouts Honor"


“Cross my heart and Hope to die” was second only to “Scouts Honor” when I was a kid.  And you know those words meant something and no matter who you were.. Scout or Non Scout.. those words stuck like glue to the person making the proclamation.  It meant that what was about to be said.. or what had just been said was the truth, the whole truth.. and nothin’ but the truth… Scouts Honor.
The other day I was on my way to work and one of the DJ’s of the morning drive show said “Scouts Honor” after he told a story.. much to the ribbing of his co hosts, he defended his story and they all had a laugh.
I thought to myself that I had not heard that in a long time.  Then today at work I over heard a couple co workers talking about an amazing ski run on the mountain… the story abruptly ended with “Scouts Honor.. I’m telling the truth!”  And that pretty much ended the discussion.  I mean.. what can trump “Scouts Honor”?

When we were kids, and no I am not going to say it was a simpler time and that the world was a better place… but when we were kids I think innocents was easier to come by.  I think that among the coming of age and testing the waters also came a time that we understood that a mans word is a mans word and we all started with the general thought that people were Trustworthy until proven otherwise.
One of my customers and I were talking today about the cost of dishonesty.
We don’t give it much thought these days, because by and large we assume that most people are dishonest.  I mean the examples are all around us.  We see cheating and dishonesty on TV, there are more Cop shows and overly dramatic “Reality TV” programs than ever.  We can’t trust politicians, the Churches seem to be in a constant fight for credibility and the Schools.. well I won’t even start with them.  Needless to say there seems to be an overwhelming case of moral bankruptcy that could easily be fixed by owning “Scouts Honor”.
This older gentleman shared with me that back when he was a kid they never locked their house… they never had to chain up their bike at the pool, you could leave a pie on the window seal to cool, and that kind of stuff.  He never feared walking in his neineighborhood at night and if the porch light was on your house was as safe as Ft. Knox.  “Scouts Honor”
Now, we have to lock everything, to include a password on your phone.  You have to worry about who’s on the neighborhood watch, and an unlocked door is an invitation for someone to rob you.
I talked to a friend of mine that was burglarized last year.  He ended up going to trial over it and the defendant stated that if the door was locked he would not have broke in..so it was the home owners fault for leaving the door unsecured.  Incredible… But what does this have to do with Scouts Honor?
Just think of how things would be if everyone.. or at least two thirds of everyone believed in “Scouts Honor” and what it means.
 It means that you try to live your life being Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.  I can not think of one thing that is bad about that.. Scouts Honor.
When I heard that on the radio the other day I wondered how many other folks caught that and if they had the same thought I had.
I Can only wonder.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

#100daysofscouting RECAP 10/100
Did some Wood Badge home work.
Packed my pack for this weekends Camp out.
Talked with two parents about the camp out and some suggested gear.
Wrote on the blog.. twice.
Signed some more blue cards (COH coming up)


  1. >I have often thought the same thing. I trust others as I feel others should trust me. It's not worked out at times, but I still go on, each day, living by "Scouts Honor." Great reflection on society here. Really great read.YISPhi


  2. As a former scout and day dreamer of all that it entailed I thank you for posting this. The words ring so true and if our children today were as involved in scouting I think we would see more citizenship and less crime. Thank you again!
    SSgt George Wingate, USMC ret


  3. I just took over as CubMaster for my son’s troop, so excited. Our first pack meeting is next week and our Aug. Word is HONOR. Just read this as I do my home work for my closing minutes. Nice and thankyou


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