>#100daysofscouting – Day 7 Advancement

>Day 7 of the #100daysofscouting project ended at our Troop meeting last night.  Final preparations for this weekends camp out and Scoutmaster minute that left many of the Scouts wondering if they were ever going to be Eagle Scouts.
Ok let me explain…
Advancement is but one of the methods of Scouting.  Just one, an important one… yeah, I guess, I mean being an Eagle Scout will open doors for you down the road and the advancement process is designed to work the Scout through a series of skills and challenges that prepare him for the “real world”.  Sitting on Boards of Review prepares him for interviews and social interactions with other adults.  Service projects prepare him to give back to his community and understand selflessness.
If a Scout participates in his unit fully, and never advances is he not going to get some of that?  Is his Scouting experience going to be a total loss?  Will he be considered a failure? 
My point last night was that the advancements number one goal is to teach the Scout responsibility.  It is the Scouts responsibility to get it done.. not the Scoutmasters, not the Committee chair.. it is up to the Scout to become and Eagle Scout… he will get lots of help along the way.. but it is up to him to do the work, seek the help, and then present himself for advancement.
If they are going to wait for me to hold their hand.. well.. then they can count of finishing their Scouting career a Tenderfoot.. (we get them that far).
You see, in life there are winners and losers.  Young men that choose to be in Scouts are winners.  They are setting themselves up with skills, attitudes, and competencies that will help them get through life.  IF they take advantage of Scouting they can do wonderful things.  High Adventure opportunities, service, skills, and a whole lot of fun.  But they need to do it.. it can not be handed to them.. that’s not how it works in real life.
Well.. that was day 7.  I had 11 parents come up to me after the meeting and thank me for saying what I said in the Scoutmaster Minute.
What today will bring… who knows.. it is sure to be another Great Scouting Day!  Have one!

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