>#100DaysofScouting – Days.. 4, 5, and 6

>Days 4, 5, and 6 were eventful and plenty of good Scouting Moments…
Unfortunately I have not taken the time, till now to sit down and jot down the thoughts… well I am going to claim that time and space was the reason.  Friday (day 4) was my Birthday.. and I made a pretty good attempt at not being on the computer.. between a very full day at work and going out to dinner with my family, Friday and posting on the blog just was not going to happen…
But Friday did allow for some pretty good moments in my Scouting life. 
I am going to call days 4, 5, and 6.. Wood Badge days.
Friday, I answered questions via phone from 6 Scouters from our district regarding the upcoming Wood Badge course.  I shared with them what they could expect from the course and how it has impacted my life.  Wood Badge has been one thing that as a Scouter I can point to and say has impacted every part of my adult life.  Camping, teaching scouts, National Jamboree, being a District trainer.. none of that compared to the lasting impact that Wood Badge has had on me as a person, a Dad, an employee, and of course as a Scouter.
So then Saturday was our Wood Badge Staff development training.  I can go on an on about it.. but lets just say that in the context of Wood Badge and Scouting.. the Troop Guides (and Staff in general) moved a step closer to being a “High Performance Team”.
We practiced presentations, got to know one another a bit more.. ate a nice meal.. and watched a video called FISH!… I can honestly say that one video made my day.  FISH is a video that introduces the institutional philosophy of a Fish marker in Seattle, Washington.  Essentially they have 4 principles, and I won’t go into great detail in this post, but these four principles are the driving force in the success of their business.  They are simple and tested to be effective and while I know that I use them in my everyday life currently, I will make an effort to do it more in the future.
The principles are:  Play, Make their Day, Be there, and Choose your attitude.  If your organization (Pack, Troop, Crew, District) wants more information.. and I think you do.. hit that link I put up.. or this one LINK!
Anyway.. the FISH presentation made my day yesterday.. and that is my Scouting moment for Saturday.
Today is Sunday.. and I suppose I will have to recap the goings on of today later.
All I can say for certain is that every time I come out of a Wood Badge event.. my batteries are charged and I am better for it.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. >Jerry,I took Woodbadge in 2001, the last of the courses for "Woodbadge for the 20th Century". It was Boy Scout specific, intently focusing on the patrol method, leadership theory, and many ideas of that is possible for a troop as far as making the mundane fun. I really caught the vision of patrol method, although our SM at the time ran a very adult lead troop.Now, I am SM. I am getting regular encouragement to take the current Woodbadge course from the district training committee. The subtle message is that I am out of step with current BSA thinking, will not be able to identify with my youth leaders being trained in the new methods, and will miss out on the scouting culture. Although they don't say it, the idea is that I am not "really" Woodbadge trained. Is this your assessment of the differences between the old course and the 21st Century Woodbadge course. Will it really do me much good to take it again? Is there anything in it that I cannot get anywhere else? Am I missing out?A GreenTulsa, OK


  2. >Well here is what I would suggest…First of all I have no idea what you got out of the previous course. I have only known the WB for the 21st century course. Having said that.. I have many friends that have completed both courses and tell me that the new course is better.Are you missing out? Well I suppose that is up to you. I know that WB21 is a great course and yes it covers (in an adult format) much of the material that our youth learn at NYLT in that you learn the EDGE method of Training and Leading. Does it take Wood Badge to learn that, certainly not, but it is a great place to do so.Understand that I am a bit Biased when it comes to this course.. I love it.Finally, I think your District Training folks are out of line when they suggest you are not "Really" Wood Badge trained. Once a Wood Badger.. always a Wood Badger..If you have the time and want to.. take the new course. It can't hurt.Thanks for the comment.Have a Great Scouting Day!


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