>There’s No Crying In Baseball!!!

>I received a phone call yesterday from one of my Scouts.. the name is not important, neither is his age, he is a Scout and has enough confidence in his Scoutmaster to give him a call when he needs an answer to life’s pressing questions.
He started the call by explaining to me that I was the only one that could answer this question that he knew.  The question, is it ok for a man to cry?
He explained that a coach at school had told him that grown men don’t cry and that if he wanted crying was a sign that he was weak.  He went on to say that he had never seen his Dad cry.. so it must not be ok.
Well, I told him.. grown men do cry and it perfectly ok to cry.  There are moments in your life that you should cry and there are times where if you don’t.. well… I would suggest you have no feelings.
I shared some examples of the toughest guys I know breaking down and crying.  I told him a story of the first time I drove through the town of Safwan Iraq, the most desolate, run down, absolute impoverished place I have I ever seen.  Starving kids standing along a stretch of road begging us to throw them food.  I was a Command Sergeant Major heading North into the interior of Iraq with my Battalion.  The driver of my HUMMV was a tough son of gun… I had seen him in plenty of situations that would make a burly biker flinch.. and he was sobbing.  As was I.
I cried when my kids were born, all of them, and I cry at movies that tear at my heart strings.
Crying is a healthy sign of emotions.  It means you are normal and that your care.  It means that you have empathy and that you can moved to tears.  It releases fear and and pain and anxiety.
It pleases me that he has confidence in me that he can call and ask these kinds of questions.
The Scope of a Scoutmasters job goes way beyond knots and first aid.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


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