>#100DaysofScouting -Telling our story in Patches (3 of 100)

>Patches have been a long lasting tradition in Scouting.. not only are they fun to trade, sew on a patch blanket, or wear on a jacket or uniform.. they are the colorful story of Scouting.  Each patch designed to represent the area, the event, the flavor of a time.  For 101 years patches in Scouting have represented achievement, service, commitment, and lots of camping.  Patches have taken us down the path of Historic trails, 50 mile treks, food collections, hundreds of learning opportunities, and to the rank of Eagle.
Now not all Scouts and Scouters are collectors of patches, I am, but whether a collector or not, patches have played an important role in Scouting and I would venture to guess they always will.
I have always collected or at least held on to Scouting patches and never really gave them to much thought, until the 2010 National Jamboree.  I became an official Patch nut.
At the National Jamboree I really saw the value of Scout Patches.  Friendship.  Thousands of Scouts and Scouters that would spend countless hours in conversation over patches.  Trading, sharing, and making friends along the way.
Patches really do play a big part in telling our Scouting Story.
Here are some patches from Camporee’s in our District.. they are not worth a whole lot in the trading world.. but they tell of some great camping experiences.

Patches… yes we need Patches…
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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