>Its Wednesday, to many in my neighborhood all that means is it is garbage day, hump day, or just another day…
But today is another opportunity for me to learn, grow, and live the Oath and Law.  Its going to be tough, I know, but by tonight hopefully I will be able to lay my head down and “Guiltless Sleep tonight”. 
The other night as our Troop wrapped up the meeting with the singing of vespers.. I listened as the guys sang, after the meeting I did a Scoutmaster conference with a young man approaching his Life Rank.  I asked him about the vespers song and if he listened to the words he was singing.  He said sure.. especially the part of the Oath and Law being his guide.  I concluded the conference with that phrase.. let the Oath and Law be your guide and you can’t go wrong.. you truly can sleep guilt free.
Last night I took some time to work on Wood Badge stuff.  I was working on the Listening to Learn presentation when it all hit me.. how well do I listen during the Scoutmaster conferences?  How well do you listen?
How well do you allow the Oath and Law to be your guide?
Well, once again.. it will be a learning year for me.. and as a result, I will be a better Scoutmaster.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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