>#100DaysofScouting -Boy Scouts 101

>Nope.. not a class at Scouting University.. its the 101st Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.  Over the hump and into the future.
I had such a great time celebrating the 100th Anniversary last year.  Jamboree was terrific.. but now we are heading into the future with the BSA.
So what are you doing to be a part?
For me, its all about grooming the future, the future of Scouting, teaching and coaching future leaders, citizens, men.  And helping teach the Scout leaders to deliver the promise of Scouting!
Kind of like writing a Wood Badge ticket and seeing it through.. this year my goal is to teach.
Scouts, Scout leaders, and help the audience of the blog and podcast with their Scouting goals.  Not that I know everything, but a big part of teaching is learning.. and so I am going to learn more.. and more…
101 years old… Well Done BSA!!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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