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1. excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior.
2. a courteous, respectful, or considerate act or expression.
3. indulgence, consent, or acquiescence: a “colonel” by courtesy rather than by right.
4. favor, help, or generosity: The costumes for the play were by courtesy of the local department store.
When we teach our young men to live and act with purpose the Scout Oath and Law we must never forget that we are teaching an coaching these men to be Gentlemen.
A Scout is Courteous.  A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows that using good manners makes it easier for people to get along.
Last night my family and I went to the movies.  Now, I have a hand full of pet peeves, but the behavior that drives me up the wall is when people are rude or discourteous.  There was a guy and his family sitting next to us.  He decided to talk through the whole movie, not a whisper, full conversation level talking.  I leaned to my son and whispered “and this is what a lack of courtesy looks like”.
Now I am going to make some folks mad here… but I blame parents for a lack of courtesy in their kids.
Parents should demonstrate what it is to be courteous.  When parents show a lack of courtesy, they are telling their kid that this is what right looks like. 
As a Scout leader I see the results of various styles of up bringing.  By and large the Scouts of my Troop are good young men.  I am proud of them and the way they are growing up.  I hope that the lessons that we are teaching them are sinking in and being a solid augmentation of what they get at home.
In Scouts we get Scouts from every walk of life.  Every economic status, every race, every religion, and every form of discipline tested.  They are all good kids with potential, what and how we harness to be is a challenge, but we have been given a great tool.. The Oath and Law.
When you have to lean over and remind your son what Right does not look like, it is the hope of most Dads that they get it.
Courtesy is so simple.  It takes little or no effort at all, yet there are some folks out there that are just plain rude.  I am not sure why, and have very little patients to figure it out.  It is always easier just to do the right thing the first time.. don’t you think?
Anyway, I know the butt head that was at the movies last night does not read this blog… but I wish he did.  His family may be better for it.
So on day whatever of #100daysofscouting… I spent time with my sons today.  That’s all.  Not a great Scouting tale, but it is what it is.  We watched a James Bond movie and went to Home Depot.  Great day.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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>#100daysofscouting -Just a note to Follow

>If you are not following the 21 or so Scouters that are journaling the #100days of Scouting.. Then I would throw a friendly reminder to do so.
Doug Metz is a Scoutmaster, I got to meet him at Jambo this last summer..  He has made it easy for you to follow the #100daysofscouting (including yours truly).
Just go to this link and check it out.. then go to the individual sites and check them out.
This is a great shot in the arm for Scouting!.. And super motivating too!
Have a Great Scouting Day!.. Now I am off to the movies with my Family.. I’ll post about Red and Green later!

>SMMBlog and Podcast Voicemail


Earlier this year I talked about increasing the community as one of my Scouting goals for the year.  I receive a fair amount of emails from listeners of the Podcast and readers of the Blog, and I really love to hear from you. It is great to talk with the listeners and readers and it brings our Scouting circle tighter. 
Many Podcasters and Bloggers have a call in show or services that allow the fans of the show or blog an opportunity to express their opinions, give ideas, share stories, or just say hello.
The readership and downloads of the SMMPodcast and Blog are hanging in there.  Again, I won’t get into numbers, really because they are dropping, but that is ok.. I will still do this because I enjoy it and have got to meet some great Scouters out there doing it.
Anyway.. I have added a Google Voicemail service to the blog and Podcast.   To break it in I want to throw out a question with the hope that we might spark up a conversation.  My idea is that on an upcoming show the voice mails will take center stage.
So here is what you can help me with, Use the link or the number in the column on the left.  Click it or dial 503-308-8297.
Leave a voicemail with a message telling us what you are doing in these next 100 days of Scouting!
As you know there are many bloggers out there that are keeping a log of their Scouting journey.  Share yours with us.  It’s easy and I really want to share your story.
So lets hear from you!
Today on my journey through the #100daysofscouting I completed some preparations for the Red and Green Dinner tomorrow.
Put together my Hawaiian Shirt for the dinner and got the voicemail up on the blog.  I think that is good enough for today.
Don’t forget to call, click, or write.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

>Be Prepared

>Yeah.. along with a bunch of online (some close, some far) Scouting friends we are trying real hard to maintain a daily log of our “Next” 100 days of Scouting.  I have been pretty good at going about it.. but as activities like a Troop camp out etc get in the way.. the blog seems to be so far away from me when it is time for taps at the Scoutmaster Jerry compound.
But a lot goes on daily in the life of this Scouter.  And as one would expect at least some of part of every day is dedicated to something to do with the Troop, Wood Badge, or learning something that has to do with Scouting.  That “some part” may be a 10 minute phone call, or a half hour in a book, but at some point of my day I know that Scouting will creep into the picture.
Today was no exception.  Today we had a “Snow Event” here in the Portland area.  Immediately the new went into full panic mode and traffic ground to a halt.. I think it was so people could watch the beautiful snow flakes falling.  Needless to say, even with all the warnings of impending doom (snow) the general public found itself unprepared to handle it.  Schools closed, offices shut down, and kids frolicked in the snow rejoicing.. until noon… when it all melted.  It snowed again this afternoon.. but by and large it is gone.  Cold weather is the forecast, and we can expect more of the white stuff over the next few days.
As I drove to work this morning I thought about the folks that do not take the time and prepare.  Not just for snow and bad weather, but for everything.  A trip down to the Wal Mart this evening proved my point.  There they were; snow shovels, de icer, antifreeze, and carts full of “get ready to be shut in” stuff.  Waiting till you need it.. then off to the store for emergency supplies.  Unprepared.

Be Prepared… the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise.

Robert Baden-Powell

When we got my wife’s car in December we made sure it was prepared.  An emergency kit, flash light, flares, etc.. and more importantly, how to use it all.
I can not tell you how many times I have changed other peoples tires on the way to work, helped a neighbor throw on chains, and assist with a jump start.  Sometimes it drives my family nuts, but something inside me tells me to “Do a good turn” and since I am prepared I feel it is my place to help.
To many times others just drive on by and think to themselves how much it sucks to be the broken down person.
I was driving out to Camp Clark to attend Wood Badge in May of 2005,  Camp Clark is out on the Oregon Coast and about a two and half hour drive from my home.  The route takes you over the Coast range going from the Willamette Valley out to the Oregon Coast.  The road is dark and in parts one lane coming and going.  I had plenty of time to get there, so I was doing the speed limit and enjoying the ride.  There was fellow behind me that had somewhere to be and he had to be there now.  He kept swerving and trying to pass, but because of the road, it was not going to happen till we came to a passing lane.  Finally, his chance came and he blew past me.  As he crested a hill I saw his tail light swerve and brighten.  I approached the top of the hill to find him half in a ditch wheels spinning.  He had hit a deer.  The deer was in the passenger seat with its hooves sticking out of the windshield.
I pulled over and threw on my four ways, got out and ran to the car.  The driver was sitting there obviously in shock.  I looked at him and asked if he was ok.  He turned to me and gave me a blank look of disbelief.  I asked again if he was ok and of he felt any pain.  He look at me for a long time in silence.  Once again I asked if he was ok and if he could hear me.  He nodded his head yes and then turned his head toward me, he lifted his arm and pointed at me.. he said “You have got to be kidding me… A Boy Scout is here to help me!” then he started laughing.  You see I was in my uniform ready for the Wood Badge session and so I had to chuckle myself and relied “Yep.. I am here to help.”
I put out some flares and got on the phone and called 911.  I stayed with the guy until help arrived.  It turned out he was ok, but he thanked me for being there.
It would have been easy to drive on by, but that is not what prepared Scouts (and Scouters) do.

The last couple days have been busy.  Scouting has played its daily role.  For my part in the #100daysofscouting I framed some memorabilia, my father in laws merit badge sash.  I worked on my hiking stave, had to make a new one.  Went to the Scout shop to pick up some patches and certificates and a gift for the out going SPL.  Picked up a cool poster also of all the Scout Handbook editions.

Yesterday.. yeah you guessed it.. it was all about getting prepare for the the big winter storm and taking care of some Philmont business.

Be Prepared!Have a Great Scouting Day!

>A few thoughts to wrap up the day.


Tuesday February 22, 2011.  Founders Day and the Anniversary of my marriage.
Founders Day.  Today we celebrate our Founder, Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell.

Born on this day in 1857.  Number 7 of 10 Children.  Chief Scout of the World, founder of the greatest peace movement the world has ever seen.

Today we have a lot to celebrate.  Scouting is alive and well around the world because of the vision of Baden Powell.
This morning I reflected on what being a member of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement means to me.  I had the privilege to be in a BSA troop in the Transatlantic Council.  Being a member of the TAC afforded me many opportunities to participate in International Scouting activities.  Our Troop shared a meeting place with Dutch, German, Canadian, and British Scouts.  We camped together, we sang together, in short, we shared Baden Powells vision of a World Brotherhood.  It was a great time and place to be a Scout.  Today is no exception.  In a world that has the Internet, Skype, and high speed travel.. Being a member of the WOSM is easier than ever to connect with the International Scouting Community.
Wedding Anniversary.  Today marks 19 years of marriage to my lovely wife.  She is tolerant and supportive and understands my passion for Scouting.  I suppose there isn’t much else I can say about that.  She is terrific and I love her.
Well today among other things (a bit more important) I still managed to get some things done.
Got our first payment off to Philmont.  But not until I called down to Philmont Scout Ranch and talked to a great lady named Betty at Camping reservations.  She answered some questions I had about our Trek next year and was very helpful.  Thanks Betty.
I am glad that our Troop is going to send two crews down to Philmont next year for a Mountain top experience backpacking in the Philmont Scout Ranch Back country.

Went to the Scout office for signatures on the Trek application and ended up chatting with some good Scout friends.. then off to the Scout Shop to pick up a few things for the Red and Green Dinner this Saturday.
Had to get new SPL and ASPL patches for the changing of positions coming up at the dinner.
Then it was back home for a final edit and clean up of Show #78 of the SMMPodcast.  In this show we talk about keeping all of your Scouts engaged in the program as well as some talk about Founders day.
Then it was off to Dinner with my lovely wife to celebrate her putting up with me for 19 years.
All in all.. A Great Scouting Day!  Hope you had one also!

>The harder the challenge


The harder the challenge the sweeter the reward.. I grew up with that little phrase deeply embedded in my brain and this weekend the Scouts of my Troop learned a bit about it.
Friday night we camped at the trail head of Barlow Pass Road and the PCT.  The temperature was dropping fast and the wind was whipping.  It was a struggle to get the tents up and gear stored, but they managed and even found time to throw a Frisbee around, that was tough against a wind also, but it was not going to stop a good time.
Saturday morning we awoke to snow drifts on our tents and chilly temps, and the wind was worse than the night before.  Breakfast was cooked, tents dropped and packs packed.  We put our snow shoes on and hit the trail.  Unfortunately, the first two miles of this section of the PCT are exposed as you cross a ridge.  The wind pounded us from about 9:30 AM to 12:45 when we finally crossed the ridge to the west side heading into Frog lake.  We ducked over the ridge line and into some trees, it seemed like a different world.  And a great place to have lunch.
The hiking was slow all morning, pack adjustments needed to be made, the wind was messing with anything that was not tucked away and the snow was blown and icy… But on the west side we had powdery snow and no wind.  And the hiking after lunch picked up and the pace was great.  We made it into camp around 3:50 PM.. a long time to get 5.5 miles.  Camp was set up quickly and out came the Frisbee.  A little exploring around the camp site and it was time to get dinner started and prepare for the long night ahead.
By 8 o’clock camp was quiet and the Scouts had all made it into the comfort of their sleeping bags.  A quick once around the camp and off to bed with me.
We woke up to light snow falling and chilly temperatures on Sunday.. ate breakfast dropped camp and hiked out to the cars.
The hardship of that hike in the wind test the Scouts of my Troop.. all they talked about on Sunday was how tough that was.  They all made it and did it well.  They tested themselves against the elements and won.
That challenge yielded the sweet reward to knowledge. They know they can do it.  They know that because of training and great attitudes they can accomplish anything.
So that is the recap for the last couple of Scouting days.. staying with the #100daysofscouting theme.
I am real proud of the young men in my Troop.  It’s going to be another great Scouting Week.!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

>"Scouts Honor"


“Cross my heart and Hope to die” was second only to “Scouts Honor” when I was a kid.  And you know those words meant something and no matter who you were.. Scout or Non Scout.. those words stuck like glue to the person making the proclamation.  It meant that what was about to be said.. or what had just been said was the truth, the whole truth.. and nothin’ but the truth… Scouts Honor.
The other day I was on my way to work and one of the DJ’s of the morning drive show said “Scouts Honor” after he told a story.. much to the ribbing of his co hosts, he defended his story and they all had a laugh.
I thought to myself that I had not heard that in a long time.  Then today at work I over heard a couple co workers talking about an amazing ski run on the mountain… the story abruptly ended with “Scouts Honor.. I’m telling the truth!”  And that pretty much ended the discussion.  I mean.. what can trump “Scouts Honor”?

When we were kids, and no I am not going to say it was a simpler time and that the world was a better place… but when we were kids I think innocents was easier to come by.  I think that among the coming of age and testing the waters also came a time that we understood that a mans word is a mans word and we all started with the general thought that people were Trustworthy until proven otherwise.
One of my customers and I were talking today about the cost of dishonesty.
We don’t give it much thought these days, because by and large we assume that most people are dishonest.  I mean the examples are all around us.  We see cheating and dishonesty on TV, there are more Cop shows and overly dramatic “Reality TV” programs than ever.  We can’t trust politicians, the Churches seem to be in a constant fight for credibility and the Schools.. well I won’t even start with them.  Needless to say there seems to be an overwhelming case of moral bankruptcy that could easily be fixed by owning “Scouts Honor”.
This older gentleman shared with me that back when he was a kid they never locked their house… they never had to chain up their bike at the pool, you could leave a pie on the window seal to cool, and that kind of stuff.  He never feared walking in his neineighborhood at night and if the porch light was on your house was as safe as Ft. Knox.  “Scouts Honor”
Now, we have to lock everything, to include a password on your phone.  You have to worry about who’s on the neighborhood watch, and an unlocked door is an invitation for someone to rob you.
I talked to a friend of mine that was burglarized last year.  He ended up going to trial over it and the defendant stated that if the door was locked he would not have broke it was the home owners fault for leaving the door unsecured.  Incredible… But what does this have to do with Scouts Honor?
Just think of how things would be if everyone.. or at least two thirds of everyone believed in “Scouts Honor” and what it means.
 It means that you try to live your life being Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.  I can not think of one thing that is bad about that.. Scouts Honor.
When I heard that on the radio the other day I wondered how many other folks caught that and if they had the same thought I had.
I Can only wonder.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

#100daysofscouting RECAP 10/100
Did some Wood Badge home work.
Packed my pack for this weekends Camp out.
Talked with two parents about the camp out and some suggested gear.
Wrote on the blog.. twice.
Signed some more blue cards (COH coming up)